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Observations Out During The PNDMC

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((This was a journal entry written early in March when the global health PNDMC crisis escalated.)) Peripheral vision is affected; the mask blocks the downward perspective (I tripped twice last year while walking over uneven ground; this never happens. I trip over something maybe once in two years if that). …

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“Free” Education Resources for Pandemic Downtime

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Don’t be fooled by the title; nothing in the world is truly free. Energetically, there’s always an exchange. In the case of these resources, the trade will be your attention, focus, your intelligence and commitment to utilize what’s provided. The current pandemic is slowing the economy down and keeping people …

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10 Ways to Enhance Immunity

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In a recent Instagram post as a prelude to this article, I mentioned the importance of ensuring our immunity is strong regardless of the situation we’re in. Today’s increasing panic about the spreading coronavirus seems to be creating a knee-jerk, reflexive approach to health that won’t solve the underlying issue. …

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A Dose of Heart-Intelligence

In Learning & Mindset, Research, The Divine Masculine by Trent Rhodes2 Comments

Our current society’s view will provide a picture of how successful we’ve become intellectually. Our diverse cultures developed awesome philosophy, science and technology libraries. Over short time periods we attain some new height in digital manifestation. There is no questioning the human’s capacity for intellect. But intellect alone only manifests …