((This was a journal entry written early in March when the global health PNDMC crisis escalated.))

  1. Peripheral vision is affected; the mask blocks the downward perspective (I tripped twice last year while walking over uneven ground; this never happens. I trip over something maybe once in two years if that).
  2. High perspiration around the mouth area, more towards the chin. This could be a skin issue for some. Perhaps not. The mask type can make a difference. Would only be recognized over time and experimenting with different masks.
  3. For glasses, some mask types cause the lenses to fog. The fogging doesn’t disperse in the cold weather. On the contrary, the smoke condenses and becomes moist on the lenses. Prompts having to constantly wipe them with a cloth. I notice these plain mask types work just fine to prevent the condensation.
  4. Same for breathing. The perspiration inside the mask combined with the lower oxygen flow could create some issues in people who don’t have strong respiratory systems already. I advise people who might be concerned about headaches or feeling light-headed to do some independent cardio to build up endurance. A few minutes daily on the jump rope, jumping jacks, light shadowboxing or some activity with continuous movement for designated times. Breathwork, such as various yogic pranayama or qigong technologies can assist with training the body to handle more controlled oxygen-intake environments.
  5. The increased humidity within the mask reminds me of martial training in humid weather, so I’m not personally bothered by it. On the contrary; I see it as a challenge. One to stay focused and disciplined. 
  6. I can see how the country is having an issue with Covid transmission if not deaths at this stage. Some people wear a mask while others do not; some other countries don’t seem to have a major issue with it. But the U.S. has some issues with social consideration and unnecessary forms of rebellion. I say in some instances because there are some aspects of the situation I think should be challenged as violations, such as allowing law enforcement to peek into your home to see who or how many people are within your property. Applying proper hygiene appears to me to be just mature protocol for the current time.
  7. Businesses that don’t have the ability to hold outdoor seating and designed originally as closed, or restaurant; a type of Korean BBQ, took alchemical use of the environment by having a DJ outside, lights along with their outdoor seating. It creates a unique vibe while eating outside. 
  8. I’m curious about how the dining option will work when the colder season arrives. Customers will be unlikely or unwilling to sit outside as often, endure cold temperature or the snow or cold rain for a restaurant meal. If there isn’t a pullback on these restrictions by the winter, more small businesses and eateries can or will likely go out of business. (((This already occurred.)))
  9. The luxury options still exist, the rooftop bars and lounges. People were on the line, quite a long one, to enter a popular venue near 34th Street. It’s fascinating that this would be an option for people, considering most U.S. citizens cannot handle a $400-$500 emergency with cash. Purchase choices often come down to the emotions. They’re less often logical, and this points to making purchases that are not in favor of the individual’s true self-benefit.
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