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Response to Cultivating Genius Podcast

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Podcast Source I agree with some points and see a pattern with a number of these studies.  Agree  Prodigies don’t always become geniuses. It’s because genius requires a specific chemistry involving character traits, a certain perception and intelligence-creativity.   Disagree Geniuses always have large influence in the world. No they don’t. …

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Maximize Sleep for Healing & Learning

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Sleep goes beyond basic rest to healing and learning enhancement. With a proper amount and quality, the brain undergoes detoxification, releasing chemicals that purify the body and simultaneously helps process learning throughout the nervous system.  All of those electrical signals stimulated from learning concepts or working in some physical activity …

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When Affirmations Don’t Work

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Affirmations are popular in success literature for good reason: if applied properly they can alter personality, increase strengths, eliminate fear, list goes on. They’re capable of creating not just temporary feel-good sensations but lasting internal change.  The problem I see in the personal development industry is an advocate saturation for …

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“Free” Education Resources for Pandemic Downtime

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Don’t be fooled by the title; nothing in the world is truly free. Energetically, there’s always an exchange. In the case of these resources, the trade will be your attention, focus, your intelligence and commitment to utilize what’s provided. The current pandemic is slowing the economy down and keeping people …

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10 Ways to Enhance Immunity

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In a recent Instagram post as a prelude to this article, I mentioned the importance of ensuring our immunity is strong regardless of the situation we’re in. Today’s increasing panic about the spreading coronavirus seems to be creating a knee-jerk, reflexive approach to health that won’t solve the underlying issue. …