Affirmations can be potent enough to induce behavioral change. By adopting certain power statements, we can alter mindset and the appropriate internal chemistry necessary to solidify the frame. It’s a body-mind process. 

While affirmations are proposed by many self-help gurus, people who have thought leadership seats may not even know or choose to withhold from clients the actual science behind how they can work. And how they backfire

Anti-Affirmation – Words Create Worlds

“Words create worlds” and they also affect chemicals in the body through their meaning, thoughts becoming electrical signals and at a deeper level the vibrations they contain (not to be discussed here).

They act as a software program; the goal is to make this affirmation that’s conscious into a subconscious, autopilot process. This is related to the R-complex, “reptilian” brain. When the affirmation exists at that level, it becomes “second nature.” 

Affirmations backfire when we harbor preset anti-affirmations in the subconscious R-complex. These are programs that directly undermine what we’re attempting to integrate. 

I am a competent painter” will be nullified if “I’m not ready to call myself a painter” already exists within. So there’s double work to do; to detoxify from the anti-affirmation and then take the scientific steps to introduce the new self-concept.

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