The education industry is the most neglected yet one of the most important. Sectors from health care to technology to the sciences receive incredible amounts of attention, resources and financial backing to evolve. So it’s no surprise to me these arenas tend to excel and these are the areas people tend to create careers in; they pay well.

But the field that shapes youths’ minds, responsible for creating and destroying families, communities and countries, values; the industry strongly influential in the lives of people who become our top leaders and worse criminals is sorely ignored.

Does this make sense?

Education is so knee-deep in low regard that it’s no longer a top value in our society. The institution of education is regarded, but to actually be an educated human being is not. This must change. and its brother, MasterLearn LLC, are going to change that.

Education is not about sitting in a classroom writing down facts, memorizing them and restating them on a series of tests that eventually pass a student on to the next grade (And repeat). It’s not about just picking a major that will make a lot of money either. And it’s definitely not confined to a school-building setting.

It’s a continuous process of learning with the goal to release potential and it can take place anywhere with the right mindset. It’s much less about memorization and absorbing knowledge for the sake of.

Knowledge is meant to produce a change within, some realization or new understanding. Before we pick up the book, listen to a lecture or go through a situation, we’re one person. Then after the experience, we’re a different person with new awareness. This new understanding wakes up our latent gifts that we can hone and apply in the world. This is the root of education.

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