To cultivate her spiritual qualities is to enhance her beauty.
To cultivate her spiritual qualities is to enhance her beauty.

You can see it all around. Evidence is everywhere. It’s more visible in the smaller details of daily living than the more outrageous acts we tend to see in the media. If someone told you there was a breakdown in the moral fiber of this society, you might nod your head in understanding. You know it. Perhaps you cannot articulate the causes or solutions, but you recognize it.

And with each generation this societal self-destruction deepens. It’s occurring with such precision you could see it as a fine art. Indeed it is an art that’s being employed. A powerful art. The kind of art that sits beyond your common sense. While you become enamored with shiny things and chasing things before personally maturing, this art functions outside the box and, since you’ve been trapped into believing what you see is normal, you may not realize it even exists.

To create something new you must destroy the old and if our moral strength is being destroyed, what’s taking its place?

New values are replacing the old. Systematically:

  • Eliminate Philosophy: You know, the subject that brings up thoughts of the old thinkers over thousands of years who figured things out. This subject is barely given credit, it’s avoided, and if you say now you study philosophy, you might be asked how you might make a living. But in this subject is training on thinking, all facets. If you can’t critically think, how do you make independent decisions? How can you properly come to conclusions? Do you know why you even believe what you believe? How wise have you become? Easier to become a follower. Remove this and you remove a child’s early classroom rearing on developing a well-rounded mind that handle the vast range of life decisions.
  • Reduce Physical Education: We call it gym. In several high schools this important period has been removed as a requirement. Since habits form early in life, when you take away this important element, how likely is it that exercise will be seen as a necessity rather than something to “get in” in when you can as an adult. Exercise is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for that piece of biological tech we walk around with 24/7, our bodies. It makes us smarter, faster, more energetic and driven to accomplish our life goals. The value of exercise in schools has been near eliminated.
  • Avoid Religion & Spiritual Cultivation: This leads me to the Huffington Post article about a beautiful young woman who received unusual feedback on wanting to become a nun. Religion is avoided these days. People develop opinions on the religious texts without reading them. How do you disagree with something you never read yourself? There’s that lack of philosophical thought. Following the trends. It’s now a taboo topic. But if you look at the thriving civilizations of the past, they all held a deep-rooted spiritual center. This is how we learn to live as human beings on a planet we’re stewards of. We don’t own it. This is how we learn to live with each other. And this is how we learn to live with ourselves. Not many can live with themselves and we see the evidence. Money, lacking it, pursuing it, doesn’t matter. To be right with ourselves is independent of any material acquisition. Yet, we’ve placed this subject matter in a heated sector despite how essential it is to our maturity.

There are probably multiple stories like this Huffington Post article, but the headline stands out. For being too pretty? The assumption is the Godly woman must be unattractive, old, worn out, lacking magnetism.

Think on how the value has been twisted here: if spiritual development is so important to our growth as human beings, how can it possibly make you less attractive?

The woman with exquisite physical beauty should be striving to become more spiritual. Connect to her Godly source and cultivate her qualities. Expand her mind as attentively as she would beautify her hair or select her wonderful fragrance. Develop her strength. Employ her femininity in ways that bring her a life of holistic satisfaction. All women are gifts. Just as athletic prowess or intellectual acuity can be inherent potentials in a person, so too should a woman’s beauty be seen as a gift. She blesses the eyes of the people who see her and consequently, should respect her gift by not choosing to pervert it.

It’s for this reason we need a new breed of celebrity. The kind who is featured on every magazine for their character, intellect and contributions to uplift society. Brands are created around their persona for causes to eliminate ignorance and increase knowledge. They attend award shows and win golden statues for dominating the headlines about ways to make the family the root of every thriving civilization, like it’s supposed to be. They can co-exist with the current celebrity but make no mistake, there is a difference between entertainment and advancement.

The challenge for our society is reversing the value system. When you have enough people accepting something for a long enough period of time, it becomes accepted as normal. But “normal” doesn’t equal “right.” So it’s seen as normal to avoid reading. It’s normal to treat exercise like something that can be ignored. It’s normal to be a couch potato without goals. It’s normal to settle for the scraps in life. It’s normal to follow the crowd. And it’s normal for a woman who takes pride in being spiritual to be viewed as dull, boring or unattractive.

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