“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu, Art of War

“Freaks come out at night.” – Whodini, Escape Album, 1984

With enough time on the planet I imagine everyone formed the question, “Is this all there is? Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, eat in between, repeat. That’s it?” If so, the follow up question might be, “Who set this up?”

Browse enough historical information and you’ll see a pattern: some group of people decided this was the best way to live with each other.

At the core, they were right. Minus the valueless monotony that’s been infused with the system, with the planet’s abundance and the range of civilizations, we have to identify a way to live with each other acknowledging the cultural diversity.

If you built a home for your family, you likely wouldn’t appreciate someone who was not family just breaking inside, opening your fridge and making themselves a meal.

Their value system (take what I want) likely wouldn’t match yours (earn what I have and don’t steal), so there needs to be an intermediary. That middle ground is work and by extension trading.

We trade item for item, skill for a currency, which we then use that currency to obtain things made by others who are compensated for their skills.

At the foundation this is how an economic system is developed and how we can have billions of people on a planet not pillage each other (war) or forcing everyone to have the exact same resources despite the effort or capability (no merit, communism).

Without a mutual practice we end up in anarchy, which we see when criminals take it upon themselves to attack people for their belongings in broad daylight or rob stores because they think they deserve what’s in there without trading for it.

In its pure form, a person can rise and receive to the level of their talent, drive and manifestations.

The problem we face with this system is: beings governing the way it’s launched are demonic. Corrupt with the full intention of enslaving the population for energy extraction. They create environments that allow demonic energy to fester. Like unclean spaces attract bugs and pestilence, a demonic environment will naturally breed similar energies.

What better way to dominate a world than to slip tentacles into the mechanisms that keep societies functioning?

If you’re not interested in exploring the dark side of existence on the planet, it may be best to delete this Email.

What these beings hope is that you turn away and focus just on living your best life. Follow the rules. Be obedient and you’ll have no trouble. In this way your energy can be efficiently extracted without you having to consider it occurring.

Those who stay on, I imagine have the drive for 360 degrees of knowledge meaning…you acquire the widest perspective as possible.

You know that vision with the physical and inner eye relate to your ability to act. That you can only express what you can “see” and only respond to what you have “seen.” If you cannot see it, the reality doesn’t exist. So the more you see, the more spectrums in reality exist.

The demons have 360 degrees of knowledge, which is why they’re able to manipulate the population.

So we’re on the same page, I’ll describe what’s meant by “demon.”

Cartoons & Caricatures

You might be thinking of the red-bodied entity with horns and long, black nails. The popular embodiment from the old-school movie Legend.

Cartoons and fantasy iconography have done well at solidifying this image, but I’d like you to entertain the idea that this word “demon” is similar to how I described the angel in the previous Email.

At its base, it’s an energy, the opposite coin to the angel. Both are nature forces, thus can exist in multiple planes from people to energy manifestations, and cannot be destroyed only transformed.

Demons are part of nature as everything else, so they’re to be understood just like anything else in nature. This is important, to avoid overly attaching to religious projections that can cloud understanding.

The “demon” is a more recent term that has its source from the “daemon” of Greek thought. With the Ancient Greeks, their eudaemon was not bad or evil, but a recognized energy form that granted people their genius. At that time people weren’t considered geniuses themselves but “possessed by genius” because they “had a daemon.” In this thinking, you wouldn’t claim full credit for accomplishments; you’d give some to the daemon at your side.

If you read the ancient literature, Iliad and Odyssey you’ll see continuous references to the gods, how they take person form and also act energetically on the humans in the stories. You can take swift action or you can take swift action amplified by the god of speed, or empowered by the god your wisdom strengthens. This was a common understanding in the civilization.

In monotheistic religions one might say “empowered by the Holy Spirit,” or “by the power of the Christ” or “strengthened by the gifts of the holy spirit.” Can you perceive the similarities without shunning either?

The problem with some of these names involves how caricatured they became over time. They’re more like cartoons. In the collective consciousness we have cartoonish images of each: angels, demons, vampires, zombies.

But the fact is their real manifestations outside of fiction end up looking nothing like what you see on the media screens. To recognize them you need to perceive their essence. You have to know how to extract the fundamental qualities.

When you do, you’ll realize there are ghouls, goblins, vampires and zombies and all kinds of entities walking around you daily. Some self-examination may reveal that you’re exhibiting some of the entities’ qualities and require some changes.

Adversary Parasite Energy

There are demon classes just like angels. They exist within the full scale of expression, from physical emanation down to the microscopic, to the energetic.

While an angel can be recognized by how close it is to universal law, a demonic energy functions to disobey everything about universal law.

We don’t question why a fly rubs its legs/arms together and regurgitates as part of its (quite disgusting) behavior, it is what it is. So it is with the demon.

Taking the form of parasites, demons sap up your energy, feed off of your biology, using you as a host.

Some people are so infested with parasites they can’t help but do their bidding. They alter behavior to make you live according to ensuring their survival.

These parasites might be from actual infections passed on from others through sexual interaction to those acquired from food. Hook-up culture is a swift gateway to transfer and receive parasitic infection. Touted as a type of empowerment, the governors managed to hoodwink people into aspiring to accumulate as many random sexual encounters as possible. Because they have 360 degrees of knowledge, they understand this environment’s material and spiritual implications.

While men are just as susceptible, women face a unique danger as receivers in sexual intercourse, receiving a man’s fluids (and all of his existing demonic / parasitic infections) that can travel throughout her system into her brain. More men, more potential demons accumulated influencing body and psyche.

In the book, “This is Your Brain on Parasites,” the author provides numerous examples of microscopic parasitic entities that control animal, insect and people behavior. Based off the media personification, we’d call an animated being controlled by another a zombie. 

Adversary – Parasitic Behavior

Another class involves people who exhibit demonic behavior, actions outside of divine order.

You put two teenagers in a room to take a quiz. Teen A studied, put in the work and gives his best effort for the examination. Teen B never studied, played around prior and begins looking for an easy way out, by cheating off of Teen A.

In this situation, A exhibits angelic energy while B is tampering with the demonic, being a parasite taking what he did not earn.

The boy is not a demon per se, but he’s expressing the energy. If he does this enough, he cultivates it as a normal behavioral life pattern, consistently upsetting the balance between give-and-take in the universe. By his own choices, he becomes demonic.

Demonic energy’s temptation makes the destructive seem lovely and the evil seem glorious. It’s beguiling through attraction to the dark side of homo sapien nature.

Demonic energy can be seductive since it operates on the lower chakras, often associated with the animalistic energies at the root and sexual centers. 

It’s always distinguished by how it causes a being to express low, base behavior one might call uncharacteristic or ill or beastly. It’s because this energy exists only at that level, unable to ascend beyond.

The energy consistently works to violate what is clean, structured or untampered with.

You like a clean space but your roommate just enjoys the garbage littered all over the place.

You aim to eat healthy but this person revels in consuming the dirtiest food.

You’re annoyed at the train ticket increase but pay it and they get a high out of jumping over the line to avoid paying at all.

This behavior shows seeds that expand far out into our civilization’s darkest realms including trafficking, infidelity matchmaking websites, drugs and the reduced attention to just how many sexual infections are going around, all while people are living oblivious.

While a lion can commit some devastating killing, it’s not conscious like a human so it can’t be called evil for its behavior. It’s behaving largely on instinct.

People are uniquely positioned for this energy due to our sentience; we have the ability to choose and creatively express will. It is the conscious choice that enables us to master the energy so it can be put in its place or be dominated by it. 

Vibration & Frequencies

Demonic energy is represented by Apep in Kemetic science. Without the “evil” attached, it’s viewed as a chaotic force that needs to be reigned in. In this art, you’ll see the being kept at bay by Set, personification of ultimate power, symbolizing the tension a conscious being experiences putting Apep in its place.

On the path to ultimate power, we face this challenge of not falling to corruption.

Demonic energy also exists as brain vibrations, dulling different parts while activating others, particularly the reptilian and animalistic brains, R-complex and limbic. When activated, we see this as certain behaviors.

Demons can also operate within ideas since thoughts are energy forms recognized as brainwaves. Concepts in the energetic plane. When you receive an idea you just can’t let go of and…it’s not nourishing but depleting, that’s a parasitic idea you’ve been captured by.

When examining prolific killers you’ll see the pattern in their communication. They talk of their actions being a “compulsion,” that they had to do it because a “voice” kept speaking to them. They needed to release the urge that “compelled” them to do what they did. Despite their actions being heinous, they displayed genius in their expression; work of the daemon / demon within.

If you have the stomach to watch horror movies, you’ll notice a theme with possessions.

An energy never just swiftly takes over a person. It gradually becomes more powerful by weakening the host, breaking them down. Often with sleep deprivation. Drugs. Stress. An accident where the person’s consciousness is shut down temporarily, allowing for the new energy to wake up. And through some activity where a mental door is opened through trance-like seances. Upon awakening, people who were ordinary end up displaying unique abilities, the energy’s side effects.

These coincide with the siddhis one might develop while cultivating on the spiritual path and why master teachers always urge people on the path to avoid focusing on these abilities as an end-goal; you can be tempted to just stop there and use them purely for selfish purposes. 

Adversary – Demonic Cultivation

Basic ways to induce demonic energy: sleep deprivation, sacrificing values, intoxication, extreme emotional content, violations of innocence.

The energy in people, like the angelic are activated through genes and the brain and environmental influence. Unfortunately, they face a ceiling, a limitation. Because while angelic energy transmutes all, demonic cannot since it opposes all order.


You can prevent being consumed by this energy through knowledge and fortification. Negligence to study your adversary just makes you easier to control, because your adversary is studying you.

Since energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed, it needs to be understood and tamed and transmuted.

All of the fundamental energies in the universe exist within homo sapiens, all people can access and express the demonic, scale differing depending on genetic potential.

The best wisdom out there about self-cultivation always gives emphasis on detoxing, achieving a type of spiritual purity, cleansing the mind, cleansing the soul to overcome the adversary.

This “poisoning” or “contamination” they speak of is fundamentally physical, and at the higher levels internal.

They had an acute sense of the qualities the energies in their field of experience contained and found poetic ways to describe them.

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