A few weeks ago I had the honor of being interviewed by Gary Karp of Passionate Talk. In the sense of a formal “interview,” it was not. Rather, it was more of a conversation about the value of mindfulness and its importance in professional life. Gary has a skill with transforming his podcast interviews into a mutual dialogue that extracts value for the listener. As a coach himself, he displays the skill effectively.

“Mindfulness” is one of the more popular terms entering work environments. I’m fine with that. It serves as one of the comfortable entry points for topics like “energy,” “vibration,” and “consciousness” to expand awareness among professionals who eventually recognize that working under high levels of stress simply isn’t worth the material exchange. We can cite a number of examples of the malformed work ethic: give 80 hours per week to a mission that pays well yet drains the life force. And while that professional burns out with a beautiful bank account, those financial reserves may need to pay for the upcoming health side effects of taxing the body-mind system in unhealthy ways.

My mindfulness approach for professionals spans several areas: a power-peace mindset, ability to transform life experiences and accessing creativity. With these capacities, a situation loses its label as “stressful” and one can even perceive how to nullify a situation that would entice such an emotional reaction.

Listen to the interview below or on iTunes. Enjoy.


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