They say opportunity knocks only once.

Then they say when one door closes, another opens.

Which is right?

Depends on your thinking.

The first mind that believes opportunity knocks only once is thinking with scarcity while the latter has an magnetic mindset.

Magnetic? What does that mean?

It means you go from a mental state of desperately chasing opportunities to one that attracts them. If you’ve noticed people who always seem to have things coming to them [people, romance, materials, resources, invitations], they’ve consciously or unconsciously created value in themselves to such a level that others are compelled to give to them. When you feel desperate or lacking, you repel opportunities.

You have to recognize your value, maximize it and turn it into a force that encourages others to want to be a part of it, to experience it.

Businesses do this by creating a product or service, marketing it and then going public. Others invest, there’s a valuation and there you have it. What began as a simple, obscure idea became valued as a million/billion-dollar brand. Keyword is valued.

Valued by whom? People.

Valued why? Because it fulfills a need.

You can become a value in a similar way.

Valued by whom? People.

Valued why? Because your talent fulfills a need.

What need? That’s for you to discover.

How do you discover it? By knowing your talent and how to apply it in the world.

Do this first:

  1. Take a Myers-Briggs personality assessment: This will give you insight into your natural temperament and inherent tendencies.
  2. Find a notebook and write down your top 10 interests [athletics, movies, playing chess, anything].
  3. This requires time. Think about the patterns that exist in these 10 areas. What do you notice that keeps coming up? What skills do you use in these areas that blend? What strengths do you constantly use? Ask yourself why you enjoy these areas.

Once you have a conscious grasp on your strengths, you can move to the next step, which is isolating your talents and using practical [and mostly free] methods to start creating yourself, your brand, from the ground up and become a magnet.

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