There are two primary ways to manifest an intention in our experience: magnetically and electrically or through yin or yang, the feminine or masculine.

Each path uses energy in different ways, and a skilled aspirant knows how to use each for the moment most optimal.

The feminine path includes meditation, ecstatic states, receptivity, waiting for the right moment, being in flow, moving like water, remaining open to what emerges, not naming.

The masculine path includes setting intentions, concentration, visualization, condensing focus (the bindu dot seen on some aspirants’ foreheads), naming something, being specific and choosing rather than waiting for what comes, summed up by the statements, “I want,” “I have,” or “I will.”

As we focus more on going inward, tending to ourselves, self-care and growing more open to what our life experiences have to offer, it is equally important to be skilled at exerting action force when needed. To decide, “This is what I want and I am taking action to realize it.”

Life manifestation is not just about sitting back and waiting for what comes, and this living mode does not serve the male counterpart in the species when brought to excess; it a dance between observing and moving, receiving and conceiving, push and pull. If yin is solely relied upon, the man becomes passive, tame in his thoughts and confidence, with head held low, easily complying and supplicating, hardly qualities that a woman in touch with her feminine would find attractive, or would a group perceive as leadership material.

To Distill Intent the Masculine Way:

1. Write the overall desire.

2. Write the features and qualities this desire has, that you want.

3. Specify your desire, see it as clear as possible, all details.

4. Visualize the desire and details in the mind as if you already have them.

5. Now that you know what you want and already mentally have, take physical action to bring it forth in the physical world.

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