On Inner Stability

One of the fastest ways for a man to lose the feminine’s respect, and from people in general is to lose composure. Other phrases for this expression include:

  1. Flying off the handle
  2. Losing his cool
  3. Snapping
  4. Losing his shit
  5. All in his feelings
  6. Being impulsive
  7. Breaking down
  8. Out of control
  9. Bad temper
  10. Impatient

They all signal the same phenomenon: the inability of the man to have governance over his inner world, and by extension his external environment becomes just as fleeting as his unstable attitude.

Being stable is a basic quality for the man who is remotely curious about the sacred masculine science. Without this, cultivation becomes a whim dart throwing contest, hitting the mark sometimes, way off other times, never consistent or accurate with direction.

When the feminine sees you being inconsistent, unsure and frazzled, incapable or unwilling to engage complexities standing in your way with a firm focus, she’s repelled.

Two ways to develop stability:

1. Meditation as way of life.

2. Experience challenges, whether through sport, craft or other, that encourage you to reflect on your inner states, to grow self-awareness and shift them at will.

On Work Ethic

Work ethic is generally connected to doing well at a salaried job but this quality spans all our lives’ dimensions. 

The “ethic” in the work implies there’s a code, a particular way or path the work is approached. It also implies choices. 

For a man, this means his ethic is selective; he chooses to do one thing over another, he sacrifices one thing to focus on another, energy committed in one realm doesn’t shift to another. Energy too dispersed is power weakened. 

It means he knows how to say, “No” and “Yes” and take action accordingly. 

The ethic in the work keeps his energy focused, so it becomes power, enabling him to handle minute and greater steps along the path towards the goal. 

A man with cultivated work ethic realizes the goal isn’t the actual fruit, but the natural outcome of manifesting a certain way. And the work itself, all the qualities it asks him to reveal along the way, is the true fruit.

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