It’s a normal workday and you arrive at your desk. Ready to load up your computer, you receive a quick tap on the shoulder. “Hey, is it done yet?” your peer asks, referring to the project you’re working on together. Of course you didn’t choose to work with him; in your view and just about everyone else’s in the office, this guy is a master of passive-aggressive office bullying. This form is not overt enough to inform human resources with a solid case, but it is enough to induce some psychological pressure which manifests as stress in you. You don’t need it. 

“We gotta get this done otherwise no chance of breaking out of this ridiculous job,” he continues. “Get your piece done. Or I’m telling everyone you goofed on it. Got me?”

Out of a desire to not rock the boat, you hold the tongue and nod. Nod a few times. What you really want to do is tell this guy off, to focus on his own part and let you do what you have to do. But you won’t, because you can’t. Something is stopping you.

The internal blockade is a mal-manifestation of the solar plexus chakra. 

What does a chakra have to do with the workplace?

A “chakra” is the term given to the center that houses specific energy manifestations. The word is often defined as simply a “wheel.” Why an examination of chakras for a work environment? Because they have direct influence on our behavioral tendencies. In this case, the yellow or solar plexus chakra corresponds to the will, also self-esteem, self-worth and the charisma that influences other people. It’s the energy that we use to take direct action. It’s of the masculine principle. It is also the chakra connected to our ability to set boundaries, to stand up for ourselves and say “No.” 

In this scenario, we not only saw the conflict not being resolved but also the internal activity that prevented you from resolution.

The “bully” may show up in many forms. It’s an archetype. It could be this kind of peer. Or a supervisor who is more direct with manipulating your options for promotion. The bully may manifest as the interviewer in your meeting who pressures you to accept a certain salary. The bully could be a coworker who lures you into a seductive environment for personal gain. In a work environment, the larger the organization the more complex the situations. But ultimately you are faced with the same challenge: to stand up for yourself.

Boundaries & Walls, What’s the Difference?

Let’s specify the difference between a boundary and a wall, as one is beneficial for health and the other can plague it. 

A boundary is a stance you take on what you accept and do not accept into your experience. The boundary is a standard. It speaks for you in how you interact with others and how you treat yourself. The boundary enables you to experience life without another invading personal “space” (body-mind and spirit) that you haven’t sanctioned. When someone does invade, you say they’ve “crossed your boundaries” or “crossed the line.” 

The boundary is important in a workplace, a space where you have multiple experiences with the same people for hours per day. When a parasitic individual senses you have a weak boundary, a weak solar plexus chakra, you can be easily manipulated to take actions you normally wouldn’t. This is different from being totally naive; you actually know what you shouldn’t do and don’t have the fortitude to express your “No.”

A wall is a total interaction shut down. You may be physically present with coworkers but the mind is elsewhere along with your talents. You’re spaced out not from any drug, but due to the self-contained protection mechanism set up. Multiple reasons about why one might create a wall. They are beyond this post’s scope. 

A wall removes you from professional engagement. Of course this can harm your performance; given a project to do, for example, and you have no idea how to go about it because you’re out of tune with its needs.

Now that we set a stance for the yellow chakra and its corresponding personal behavior, we can begin taking steps to strengthen this chakra so you have the strength to stand your ground in future encounters.

Physical Actions

Speak directly to the peer. If your solar plexus chakra is strong, you’d likely talk directly to the peer who is badgering you. In a professional manner, you can instruct her to stop it because it’s both unnecessary and bordering harassment. Checked at the door this way, the issue may dissolve, and if it continues you could go either the HR or supervisor route.

Contact Supervisor. If your supervisor is not the perpetrator, you can gain support by setting up a meeting with him/her and discussing this issue. If she’s on your side, she can apply some leadership pressure on peers at her level to check that employee. This way, the matter is handled privately. No interoffice gossip.

Make notes of the experiences. Just like you want to record your professional accomplishments on the job, you’ll want to take notes of the situations you want to raise discussion about. Note the time, date and any specific language used towards you. This “evidence” will prove useful should you go to HR or your supervisor.

Contact HR. If you find this bullying to be a continuous problem, visit your human resources department. Ideally before you signed on for the position you ensured the company had a dedicated sector for it, and not the CEO also acting as HR. Refer to my audio on this from YouTube.

Metaphysical Actions

Sound for solar plexus chakra. Each chakra has a sound vibration. This means each center in our system is activated by pronouncing specific mantra or heka, words of power. It has nothing to do with the meaning of the sound and more about the actual pronounciation’s vibrations. The sound for the solar plexus chakra is “Ram.” You can drag out the sound, “Raaaaaaammmmmmm.” Or you can harmonize with repetition, “Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Raaaaaaammmmmm.” You would do this while in a meditative state of mind, trance. Refer to my post on metaphysical operations where I share a basic Zazen technique to put you in this state.

The color yellow. The solar plexus chakra refers to the color yellow, corresponding to the sun (solar), a masculine energy center. Find something with this color, perhaps a bracelet or garment, a card. Carry something on your person with this color and allow it to subtly influence your subconscious.

Embody your new chakra power. Practice your stance in your private space. Stand straight. Look directly at the object of your focus. Walk confidently. Look in the mirror and say, “No.” Make it a habit to take on the role of a person who is secure one’s space, who knows where the boundary is and comfortable expressing when it’s about to be crossed.

An unblocked yellow chakra will enable you to become more assertive in all areas of your life, with work being just one example where it counts most.

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