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On Self-Knowledge

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Enslavement starts with a mental process way before it reaches the physical manifestation people may be used to conceiving. When you capture the mind, the body is taken by default. When you observe people taking action without knowing their Why, can’t articulate their reasoning for actions, it’s a sign the …

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A Dose of Heart-Intelligence

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Our current society’s view will provide a picture of how successful we’ve become intellectually. Our diverse cultures developed awesome philosophy, science and technology libraries. Over short time periods we attain some new height in digital manifestation. There is no questioning the human’s capacity for intellect. But intellect alone only manifests …

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Emotional Expression in the Masculine

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A Story Jacob turned the doorknob but not before deep exhalation. Standing in front of his home’s door, he loosened his tie with the free hand. Heat released from his increasingly warm neck. His collared white shirt soaked at the front with sweat. He breathed in deeply once again, simultaneously …