Enslavement starts with a mental process way before it reaches the physical manifestation people may be used to conceiving.

When you capture the mind, the body is taken by default.

When you observe people taking action without knowing their Why, can’t articulate their reasoning for actions, it’s a sign the programming they’ve been infected with is in operation.

An expedient way to create this mental imprisonment is to distract from, distort or destroy a person’s self-knowledge. This is continuously done through fear.

When a person doesn’t have (accurate) knowledge of self, excessively self-doubts, fear-paralyzed, the desire to know can be offloaded to another entity for that knowledge.

Critical thinking is replaced with mental sloth. It’s also easier to be mentally lazy than to exert effort to actively think.

At that point, the individual becomes an automaton, repeating terms and phrases and ideas implanted from another source.  

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