When you say you “know” something it could mean three things. You know it on an intellectual level, you know it on a relational level [see “knowing” your spouse, partner, etc.] or you know it because you’ve become it. The last of the list is called embodying. The intellectual level tends to be where a number of teachers, lecturers and presenters exist. They know their subject enough to be able to transmit the information to you. But it stops there. You can teach someone information on how to cook a recipe, but you don’t have to have an intimate understanding of it. When you see the self-styled health guru or life coach in media with a large pot belly, aged exterior and lack of vitality, you should be able to recognize this person knows his subject on an intellectual level. Why? Because if he embodied it, his subject would be oozing from his being. He would’ve integrated his subject into his system. He’d embody his guru-ism.

This audio describes why it’s important to not settle for just gaining knowledge. Move to the next level and become an expression of the knowledge you gained.

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