They say power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It can also produce the ultimate maniac.

Depending on how you see it, power can be a weapon, a force for wisdom and simultaneously the cause of war and widows. But like any thing or quality capable of influencing people, it has an objective, neutral nature. It depends on how you wield it.

Nature’s power is evident everywhere. People can demonstrate the power to build buildings and yet nature’s power is consistently shown to be superior; the right kind of earthquake, tornado or hurricane can pummel in an instant what mankind creates over decades. This is destructive power.

Then there’s the procreative power, with the obvious force to produce offspring. But it goes deeper. The power to procreate is the ability to be fertile. That is, the power of creation: ideas, movements, books, cars, policies, disagreements, all kinds of technology. The fertile mind cannot lack ideas or “things to do.” It doesn’t get bored. It’s in a constant state of energy abundance enabling the capacity to bring forth things into the world, to materialize. The book titled The Secret is about the power to attract and create. The act of creation is the power of procreation.

Then there’s the power over others. That’s influence, the personal magnetism you can’t put your finger on but feel it in the one you’re drawn to. Of a hundred people you walk by, that one or two stood out without saying a word. There are voices you tune into because they “connect” to your soul. Songs with the right words, delivered the right way to melt your heart or make you cry. You see the light in another and feel compelled to listen, to follow that example, inspired. You’re touched because you connect. That’s charismatic power.

There’s power of status or rank. Your name, your brand, your statement, the order of strength. A meritocracy. The level of your talent sets you on a particular scale that you can or cannot maneuver through because your name traps you, but your abilities help you escape and rise above.

And then there’s power over self. This is the foundation that creates the root for all other powers to authentically grow. Ironically, this is the power that people have most trouble with. It is an instrument to be used wisely, delicate and needing refinement. A fine blade, beautiful and quietly imposing. Discipline. Self-control. Focus. Keeping your eye on a straight path. Incorruptible spirit. A conquering courage. You will see manifestations of what may appear to be authentic personal power, but you can always tell by the level of comfort the person has with it. There should be a “comfort in one’s own skin.”

 “Greatness is a rarefied air one must be taught to breathe.”

 “Rich is loud, wealth is silent.”

 All empires [inner and outer] crumble not from the outside, but weakened first from within.

Strength is calm. Insecurity is frantic.

Power is like an iron hand wrapped in a velvet glove. Ego is like a velvet hand trying to hold an iron glove.

As you grow in your professional and personal power, it is critical for you to maintain a level head, a mature demeanor. The greater your power, the more temptation you will have to let it all go to your head.

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