The phrase “taken for granted” is often taken for granted. Those things, people and experiences we receive freely tend to be given less value. Perhaps because they’re expected to always be there, to be forever available, the human psyche somehow devalues them. What increases in value tends to be those that are given with rarity. Materially, we chase the objects that are most expensive regardless of how fruitless the pursuit. In relationships, the least available [physically, emotionally] is the most sought after. This mental oddity plays out daily and reflects how we “take for granted” the unseen yet pervasive like:

– Gratitude

– Respect

– Loyalty

– Giving

– Strength

– Vigor for Life

These among the long list of the unseen have influence upon our days and people may share these with us several times in a day. For some, the feeling of lack still exists. How can you have so much and still feel empty? Can you own everything you’ve wanted and remain unsatisfied? This audio describes a simple method for quickly experiencing a personal sense of abundance.

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