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On Stress & Consciousness

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Despite what’s being presented on the news stations, the number one health attacker in U.S. society remains…stress. Here’s how this state’s been operating for a long time here, creating conditions for more severe illnesses. Stress is a subjective state, meaning not everyone stresses over the same experiences or in the …

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On Self-Knowledge

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Enslavement starts with a mental process way before it reaches the physical manifestation people may be used to conceiving. When you capture the mind, the body is taken by default. When you observe people taking action without knowing their Why, can’t articulate their reasoning for actions, it’s a sign the …

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Data Is, Was & Will Be

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This will be a continuous dialogue as I venture deeper into the software developer / data / cyber world. Even before these industries became prominent, positioned as attractive for the greater population to explore, the idea of data and its value has been around for millennia.  Ancient Data Science From …

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Observations Out During The PNDMC

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((This was a journal entry written early in March when the global health PNDMC crisis escalated.)) Peripheral vision is affected; the mask blocks the downward perspective (I tripped twice last year while walking over uneven ground; this never happens. I trip over something maybe once in two years if that). …

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Response to Cultivating Genius Podcast

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Podcast Source I agree with some points and see a pattern with a number of these studies.  Agree  Prodigies don’t always become geniuses. It’s because genius requires a specific chemistry involving character traits, a certain perception and intelligence-creativity.   Disagree Geniuses always have large influence in the world. No they don’t. …

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Maximize Sleep for Healing & Learning

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Sleep goes beyond basic rest to healing and learning enhancement. With a proper amount and quality, the brain undergoes detoxification, releasing chemicals that purify the body and simultaneously helps process learning throughout the nervous system.  All of those electrical signals stimulated from learning concepts or working in some physical activity …