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10 Ways to Enhance Immunity

In Education, Health, Research by Trent Rhodes3 Comments

In a recent Instagram post as a prelude to this article, I mentioned the importance of ensuring our immunity is strong regardless of the situation we’re in. Today’s increasing panic about the spreading coronavirus seems to be creating a knee-jerk, reflexive approach to health that won’t solve the underlying issue. …

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The Law of Focus

In Learning & Mindset by Trent Rhodes2 Comments

If you’ve had the smallest experience in working with energy, you’ve come to realize that we can do what we do with that energy because it abides by certain principles. Like our ability to harness electricity by using wires and copper and bulbs, and those positive and negative signs when …

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How to Awaken Your Shamanic Power

In Education, Learning & Mindset by Trent RhodesLeave a Comment

Google “shaman” and you will see a range of images: people wearing animal skins, drums, people wearing what seems like war paint, bones, smoke and sage, people wearing elaborate garments or sometimes nothing at all. To the uninitiated eye, these pictures might seem spooky, out of this world. Practices to …