I trust everyone’s weekend was enjoyable. And had an opportunity to observe out there in the world related to Part 1

For those new to the mailing list, I covered some examples of how these internal energy centers traditionally defined as “chakras” operate and are being operated on by external forces. 

Specifically, there are organizations and influencers who study these knowledge houses. They learn to deploy tactics that manipulate these states in people for parasitic ends. 

One might ask why should someone be able to access this knowledge if they’re going to be malevolent. Shouldn’t some force block them from obtaining it? 

An idealistic worldview might incorporate a type of arbiter hovering around tasked with this kind of prevention. There is a form of “good vs. evil” taking place but the dance doesn’t look like the fairytales. There isn’t one singular individual on the planet commissioned to save everyone from bad people. It’s more spiritually-scientific than that and we all have a part to play. For another discussion. 

The fact is knowledge is knowledge, truth is truth and science is science; the qualification for accessing certain degrees of it isn’t necessarily how good one is, but the being’s capability and evolutionary level to understand and apply it. If this wasn’t the case then evil people wouldn’t be able to apply their evil.

To purity’s credit, there is a shorter, self-destructive timeline for people who use knowledge in degenerate ways; by manifesting degeneracy in the world a being becomes degenerate oneself.

Think corruption. Do corruption. Corruption then surrounds. Repeat. We become what we continuously think and do. 

Think of a pipe running water. You want that pipe to run only clean water because that’s what keeps the system running smoothly. If the water gets contaminated, starts flowing with large particles and grime, eventually the flow will be disrupted. The water will move until it no longer can’t.

These chakras are just subconscious aspects that contain specific functionality energetically and through our physical temple. By removing them from the woo-woo category, you will become empowered to study your own nature like a scientist to develop sharper self-knowledge. 

Just like we can become masters at applying the right beauty treatment to clear up a facial blemish or mechanical differences between a Lexus and a Tesla, we ought to be treating our own systems with similar rigorous study.

To even conceive of the idea of entering Egypt’s mystery schools people admire so much (the first universities), you had to be at least 40 years old, and had to see at the entrance the simple statement summing this all up, “Know Thyself.”

Green – Heart Chakra – Purpose / Connection 

This level literally orients in the heart space. Here you’ll find connections to emotions and feelings. Distinguished because they aren’t the same. Generally they’re lumped into one category but they’re actually distinct; knowing the differences will save you time with decision-making. 

Emotions and feelings both involve energy signatures; by this I mean vibrations (how fast energy moves) and frequencies (how frequent or consistent that energy moves at that speed). 

This is why being around people on the same frequency is so important. They may be few, but quality over quantity because their consistent thoughts, values and behaviors can reinforce our own. Iron sharpens iron.

Emotions are umbrella states while feelings are raindrop states underneath the umbrellas. 

Emotions tend to be more stable than feelings. 

Love is an emotion and tends to be stable.

For example, your cousin might do something that irritates you in the moment (a fleeting feeling) but that doesn’t cause you to lose love for your relative.

Your parents might not agree with a decision you made and that may annoy you (a fleeting feeling) but ultimately you still love your parents. An extreme experience may be required to create an emotional change.

Fear is also an emotion and all separation-based feelings are sourced from it, while love contains all of the connection-based feelings.

Hate, jealousy, worry, anxiety and the rest of their family are all separation-inducing feelings, those that cause us to distance from some person, place or thing. They’re all sourced from fear, which is an emotion of the unknown. 

This is why logic and emotion go together, to be worked with in harmony. When we don’t know something, there’s a doorway for fear. Reason is the power we use to explore what’s going on, to clear the way so we come to understanding. 

I’m thinking of the cliched “We fear what we don’t know.” It holds true, if we’re not alchemists. 

Deeper than not knowing, it’s more about not knowing what to do with that unknown that creates fear. 

Example: If we’re ignorant of someone’s culture, ethnicity or traditional ways, a non-alchemist may approach with a fear-based mindset and seek to keep a distance. Criticism may develop. It becomes easy to Other it. Dehumanize. 

An alchemist would endeavor to learn more about it to discover a connection; this establishes a basic bond amidst the differences. 

Examining these emotions and feelings in the green chakra, we can see why doctrines that say to follow your feelings can be self-destructive. 

Our current societal design pushes for this emphasis on taking action based on feelings, partly because it’s easier to lead people like sheep this way and partly because the society was built by people who themselves had immature chakras. So this is a standard.

Think about your worst purchase decisions. They likely were impulsive buying choices. One of the basic-yet-underrated tenets in personal finance is to get your feelings in order. To gain control over your impulses. If you can’t govern them then you’ll have difficulty resisting immediate gratification.

We need only examine the hundreds of thousands of criminal acts in the world to discover a significant number were committed because of fleeting feelings. 

Someone road-raged and crashed another’s car. 

Some woman found out she was being cheated on and proceeded to bust up her guy’s car. 

An altercation on a shopping line because someone cut ahead. 

A guy sees red and attacks his lady and the man he caught her in bed with using a machete, a passion crime. 

A kid who hasn’t eaten in days steals food from a market and gets caught.

A minute percentage compared to these crimes are actually methodical, planned with reason. 

Heart Chakra & Purpose

If we stay on the level of emotions and feelings, we end up only focusing on ourselves. But the heart chakra also connects to our leadership capacity, to lead with the heart or with purpose. When our hearts are mature (it’s clean, clear, can repel the toxins), we’re able to formulate a personal mission that extends beyond ourselves. 

This purpose doesn’t have to be world-breaking, but becomes a natural consequence of expanding connection’s meaning to all of nature and the cosmos. 

Today there’s encouragement to “be a boss,” intoxication being a CEO, tap that boss spirit. 

In this vernacular exists nothing about serving people as the boss, providing value to organizational members or society at large as the CEO.

It’s the self-aggrandizing title without fruit bearing worthy of it.

With millions of people voluntarily leaving jobs in this current environment, I doubt most people would choose to work for one whose delight is to selfie on social media about being a boss.

Heart Chakra & Trends

Two occurrences are happening right now aimed at creating confusion in the heart chakra: narcissism and trendy movements, also called “woke.” 

I’ve read several books on narcissism energy as of late and find it fascinating how more tomes are being written on the subject. It’s not that this mental state is new, it’s becoming more pronounced in daily life. The authors just don’t make the connection to it and heart chakra manipulation.

If the heart center is supposed to be about connection, healthy states and developing harmony between self and existence, narcissism is its antichrist. It’s kryptonite. More like a delicious dessert with poison immersed in the ingredients. 

Narcissism’s lure is its parasitic need for attention and excessive focus on self-importance. This has practical, problematic consequences. 

People lacking ability to have a quality conversation. To converse with someone you have to be attentive to the other. Genuinely interested in the other, which includes asking questions, exploring what’s been shared, introducing new content to the topics. Social relationships dissolving.

People lacking the ability to network professionally. As someone with expertise in the career development realm, I can tell you the avoidance to network is one of the main pain points for people moving into their next opportunity. Networking involves the ability to create conversations with people you don’t know, and that needs communication skills and humility. Some people are more introverted; that’s understandable. The narcissism energy amplified today makes both of these difficult to apply. 

Weakness with commitment and follow-through. With people and goals, the developed heart chakra enables a person to see an intention from conception to creation and maintenance. Commitment in social and romantic relationships requires all of these skills. When I hear people say a relationship “is too much work” and there are no major red flags, it signals to me there’s some self-work needed in the green center.

Commitment involves work by its nature. A goal asks us to sit with it, invest time, grow it, modify and continue with it for durations without an immediate gratification. To work at becoming better at the thing that supports our goal attainment. Rollercoaster ride experiences, surprises, tornadoes and sunshine, continuing to show up to skill up. When we’re energized to this degree about a goal, whether with people or some vision we become magnetic to the point we begin attracting experiences to make it happen. 

A narcissistic energy can only invest in this way with things involving self-grandiosity. 

I’m reminded of The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. Pacino was the devil and delivered an iconic speech about how he views humanity and ego’s self-destruction. 

Paraphrasing: “You….sharpen the human appetite to the point it can split atoms with its desire.” Check it out here.

The second is the “woke” or trendy movement(s). This topic needs its own article but I will say that several of the current trends have been infiltrated and contorted to reverse the purpose-focused heart chakra inward and egocentric. 

Veganism and vegetarianism transformed from dietary lifestyle choices to religious-level initiatives.

Amplified by spiritual principles and practices, they are utilized as ways to project purity and look down upon those who are not vegan or vegetarian. According to this doctrine, everyone should eliminate meat from consumption. Association between virtue and these two implies vice with any other dietary choice. 

Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW is a movement teaching men how to live without women.

The original aim for this movement was to provide men with education they otherwise wouldn’t obtain within a mainstream education system designed to present masculinity as inherently negative. But the goal to eventually “go one’s own way” lead to an increasing number of males exiting out of social interaction with women.

Instead of self-cultivation to maturity and societal contribution, it transformed into a subculture of men relinquishing greater life purpose, seeing all women as liabilities and users, preferring video games and quick access to sexual outlets. 

Women Going Their Own Way. Without a singular name, this movement emerged out of the original feminist initiatives that fought for equality. The current iteration’s purpose is to teach women to not need men for anything.

Similar to MGTOW, these seeds incorporate ideas that all men are lame, worthless and totally destructive to society. 

The only way for women to excel according to this doctrine is to become aggressive, dominant, rugged and conquer. Essentially women are told to absorb masculine energy qualities and suppress their femininity as it’s seen as weak.

Like any doctrine strong in egocentricity, this one reveals how women who do choose to embrace their feminine energy, appreciate the masculine and desire to coexist with men are attacked by other women for this decision.

Climate change is one of the more recent headline makers and already up for being transformed from an actual scientific concern to social coercion.

As the planet undergoes its cyclical shifts combined with our influence, climate change as an ideology is separating people into climate change-supporter and climate change-denier categories. If you do not think climate change is happening solely because humans on the planet caused it, you’re a climate change-denier. If you think the planet undergoes multi-thousand year cycles that also shift climate, you’re also a denier. 

Contention among people in these movements continue to facilitate heart chakra malnourishment, influencing how people connect to self, with others and purpose beyond themselves. 

With the next chakra, we’ll explore the sight to perceive all of this.

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