How special will the rest of 2022 be? Need not have to describe in detail the many distractions available for society to consume. Each can earn its own article. 

One of the commonalities among war, economic disruption and societal degradation is the wake up call. Everyone receives that call although picks it up at different times. 

Some of us answer the call the first time it rings; others might not hear it due to paying attention to other priorities. 

Some see the call multiple times and hesitate to answer. The calls will not last forever though. 

Like everything else in the universe, the wake up calls have cycles and if the season is missed, we have to wait until the next. What we don’t know is if we’ll still be in our current vessel when the next one arrives. 

In more plain speak: The energies engulfing the issues on our planet are requesting that people see the shifts for what they are, and evolve or dissipate. 

It’s time to let persons, places and things go that no longer exist to support your transformation. And have the courage to invite those that do into your life. 

To accomplish this, you need internal power. Spiritual power. Magical power. It’s the fuel that sparks and sustains activity. It’s also the opposite approach to what’s generally taught about how to “succeed.” For our purposes we’ll eliminate the archetypical success like yachts and mansions.

Vitality & Intent

While beautiful, they don’t get at the essence of success. From a magical perspective, when we say success we mean your ability to realize an intent. Mansions and yachts are just more extravagant examples of intent realization.

If you obtained a master’s degree, you realized an intent. That was a “success” whether or not it was more through spiritual power or brute force.

While there is an element of grind, of hard, gritty work inherent in accomplishing, that’s only half the story and most of society accesses this space wondering why they experience deleterious effects even when they become “successful.” 

What good is the success if you’re too burned out, unhealthy and unstable to enjoy the fruit of your labors? Who said you had to solely achieve that way? Is that the only way people can thrive? 

That’s the only way those who wish to lord over you want you to live.

The indigenous ancestors were clear when they explained we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Self-evaluation can prove this point. 

Everything about our world undergoes a transformation or change including our vessels yet there’s that one sense of self that remains the same, that undeniable self-consciousness. No matter exists without this consciousness although the degrees of expression differ in the ant compared to the fox.

It makes sense then that if we are consciousness first and everything second, that we execute our intent from the inside-out rather than the outside-in. 

It’s not as simple as wishing or merely thinking however. We require vitality and the type of magical mindset that we as children applied daily as natural as breathing. The average adult loses this magical thinking as one self-creates internal barriers based on paradigm-learned ideas. 

It’s not that paradigm-learned ideas are all to be rejected, it’s many that exist today are simply wrong. And by being wrong they produce devolving outcomes in the society.

Vitality is needed because the more imaginative and creative your thinking, the more outside the box, the more energy is necessary.

And to be able to consider the broadest range of views you need a mindset that is agile enough to healthily marry the logical and intuitive, the practical and multi-faceted, the singular and the multitude, to see the forest and the trees.

To have access to all eyes yet be able to choose the eye needed for the situation. This is the foundation for producing original solutions to all problems. 

Problem Perspective

The way we’ll look at problems here will differ from the mainstream. 

At some point in our younger education we were shown that all problems, any problem was a negative and a personal blemish on our being.

The ultimate problem would’ve been the “original sin,” being stained as a problem at birth. Imagine the psychological prison this idea can create.

Consequently, it ought not to be a surprise that our society tends to ignore problems rather than address them directly, or even worse: embrace them!

At the individual level we exhibit immature responses to problems with our peers, friends and relationships. We avoid, deflect or mind warp all to prevent seeing the thing for what it is.

In grown, adult bodies the programmed responses to problems resemble elementary children. 

The result of this immature behavior is problems accumulate and become more detrimental while simultaneously not learned from. So the behaviors that caused the problem in the first place continue. We repeat and wonder why our outcomes haven’t changed. It truly is a type of insanity.

I invite you to see a problem as a pro-blemish, a middle point between changing from one state to another. When you are able to change from one state to another you are then said to have “solved the problem.” 

I’ll give an example:

Let’s say you have a habit of arriving to work just on time or sometimes late. Your supervisor notices this and brought the situation up to you once already and how it affects the team by setting an example. 

You know the problem. There are a few ways to look at it. 

One: you being late means you’re a bad person. You can carry that energy with you throughout your days and hold a grudge towards anyone who disagrees with your behavior. This can fester over time until you explode on someone. Or you reach for a coping mechanism. Eventually you begin to self-sabotage and continue to show up late, ultimately working to self-fulfill the eventual termination. This behavior transfers to your future experiences. 

Two: you can also look at it as an invitation to alter your schedule and develop a new discipline outside of work so you aren’t late and still take care of your personal life. This new approach also creates more time for you, where you suddenly come up with a useful business idea to work on. In a meditation you asked yourself, “What is this experience designed to teach me?” and waited for an answer. With your connection to The All, an insight arrived. You can see the solution.

The supervisor is now the angel or messenger who spoke the words you needed to hear at the right time to shape up. This person is a projection from your life experience assigned, in this moment, to give you the right codes to transform. Magical insight can work through anyone and anything in your perception. Everything speaks to you.

With this second approach, there are no enemies and the only adversary is within; the opposing forces in your nature resisting the change. The exterior world is contorting to provide you with what you need to grow.

This external shift only happened because you shifted internally.  

To master the forces that cause you to be late, you need the vitality. And to even perceive your problem as a positive, you need to have the mindset. 

In this conversation we’ll examine several methods to increase magical vitality. When applied, you’ll view your problems differently and have the life force to produce consistent change in the exterior world. Be Well.

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