World Fetters

One of the primary goals of spiritual cultivation is simple to explain but designed difficult: to release the fetter attachments in the physical world so the being becomes light enough to allow the divine to flow through daily living. 

Fetters are weights, and in a world like ours that’s materially dominant (people are in love only with forms, often their own), a person can be bound by thousands of weights by high school graduation. 

Precision is necessary with words like these, because someone could then say, “Well, if we’re supposed to not attach to things, that means we shouldn’t care about the material world at all. Or about people.” 

Releasing fetters doesn’t mean to neglect how to live in society. If we did that we then ignore the basics like our hygiene, how to relate to each other, how to work with the earth’s resources, how to deal with each other in contemporary society. We become unkempt liabilities. I find this to be the case often when it comes to personal finance. 

Research the stats and you’ll see collectively how personal finance has become one of the heaviest fetters for conscious and sleeping people alike. If your intention is to be on the path to waking up, understanding financial energy cannot be ignored. 

Financial Energy – Points

Without too much depth on this, I’ll provide a scope in a few points of how this area is really about energy and consequently tied to developing magical vitality:

Point: Money and currency are not the same. This confusion is one of the sources that has society misaligned with the energy and dominated by a small percentage. 

The bill or digital number you see and execute transactions with is not money but currency. 

As a currency it carries a “current,” an energy flow that opens an opportunity for you to exchange and receive something. You have that current because you applied yourself in some way and (hopefully!) earned it. Some people cheat and steal it. Ethical or not, it’s all effort / energy. 

Example – You want a cup of coffee from the cafe and you know you cannot just walk in and take it and leave. Why? Because someone else’s energy in the form of skill to produce that coffee needs to have an exchange. So you use a medium to obtain the coffee, the dollar or charge card. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dollar today and something else ten years from now. A medium of exchange is used to ensure all parties respect each other’s energy. 

Point: Money is a store of value and currency is not. Currency used to be tied to money, classified as gold (and silver) and then separated in 1971. Since that year, our society has been using a bill that has no true value. As all the world’s currencies. 

In fact, the bill’s value dwindles yearly. This process, by printing more currency is called inflation. The hot topic word is now in the mainstream, but unless you invest time to study it you won’t hear about its origins and how it extracts energy.

Point: Each bill is a member in your organization that you can direct its purpose towards. You are the CEO of all of the currency you have.

And like any organization, the CEO sets the tone. So you set the currency’s tone and behavior by your behavior. This is why debt can increase even though one may know credit shouldn’t be used. The currency follows the CEO’s energy.

Emotional living leads to emotional purchases and currency mismanagement. Banking and governmental institutions know how to pull your emotional strings as the CEO and have you use your members in opposition to your goals.

Instead of directing them to invest in yourself and projects supporting your divine initiatives, you’re having them do the institutions’ bidding.

Point: Inflation robs a being’s purchasing power. If your $1 used to buy one coffee for example, you’d need $2 to buy the same coffee. 

Your purchasing power decreased, and to exchange now, you need more financial energy (you have to earn more to make the same exchanges).

Eventually it takes $3 to buy the same coffee, so you work more. You get the point.

Spiritually, this is energy extraction, where more focus is committed towards acquiring currency to maintain or increase experiences. When you’re trapped here, you experience time theft. More on this to come.

Some say to “Keep up with the Joneses.”

Point: If inflation affected everyone the same way, we could say the playing field was even. But it’s not. 

The Federal Reserve Bank creates currency out of thin air, pure conception without any mode of exchange, and then distributes that extra currency into the economy. They manifest the energy and then get to dictate how that energy moves.

The first hands to touch the new currency are not impacted by inflation; everyone else eventually is once it circulates in the economy. 

You have to exert years more effort to accumulate the financial energy for your experiences, and an entity can call it forth on demand and pass it around. If what I just described doesn’t arouse you to learn more about this, I suggest to read no further. This explains the whole game and why you should learn how to transmute it so you master it. 

Point: True, sound money is gold and silver and has been for 5000+ years. Banks know this, nations know this and people with top-tier wealth research know this, which is why they accumulate it quietly and allow the rest of the population to focus only on currency and debt. Now you know it. 

By the population’s ignorance of this it ends up enslaving itself, financially fetter-bound through improper energy use.

Point: The solution is to increase financial literacy and understand gold and silver among other finite assets that are not digitally-restrained, which will create the foundation for wealth preservation. This combined with magical vitality to become creative, you become idea-abundant.

With ethical currency exchange done through products and services, all of this starts with an idea, developed from a mind. Everything that nature didn’t create that you use, came from a mind. And that which nature did create, came from the mind of The All. The more magical your mind, the more solutions to generate (more problem-solving, more value, hint hint.)

All currencies throughout history have gone to zero (failed) while gold and silver have not because G&S are not bound by inflation. They can always be exchanged for any currency in the world. When we talk about “secret” spiritual knowledge, this understanding is the financial equivalent. 

Point: This knowledge is available but fewer treat it like a serious study. Like consciousness and magical studies, most people are dabblers for the coolness while a much smaller percentage treat it as an essential path to self-actualization and oneness with the Source.

These points are necessary to integrate because today’s civilizations will be undergoing shifts that attempt to have your dependency totally on institutions. From your health to your education to your family rearing to how you’re supposed to think, the goal is to submit your sovereignty to their order. 

Sorcerers create mantras as well, and theirs is “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” 

Those who have eyes to see understand the material world is subjugated by the spiritual; however, if you’re in a constant state of financial chaos (how the institutions prefer it), you won’t have time to tend to higher purposes. 

The Vibrational Cloak

Everything seemingly physical is just dense packets of atoms, energy. This has been foundational knowledge for those on the spiritual-magic path for millennia. Because everything is energy, everything vibrates. All is in motion.

This motion produces a “signature” or a unique “tone” that we cannot hear through common means, but we experience it. Some devices can capture it in a photo.

When you meet someone who is full of life and vibrance, it shows in their countenance. They move and speak in ways that, combined with their thinking and physicality, we say that person is “bright” or “amazing to be around.” They glow. They have a brilliance. We feel the vibe. That vibe is the signature. 

Another way to describe it is the vibrational cloak. 

Throughout history there has been a metaphysics of garments. 

Aren’t clothes just clothes? They are and aren’t. 

Traditionally, the materials we adorned ourselves with were highly intentional because they clothed our vessels. So you might see symbols, drawings, unique color combinations. Externally the clothing was symbolic of the internal state.

In today’s lingo we might say our clothes reveal a personal style. If you notice when someone’s personality shifts their clothing tends to also. 

Robes, cloaks and layers were common for those who were of higher spiritual degrees. 

The material layers represented the spiritual layers of wisdom, clothed in knowledge and understanding. Wrapped by insight. Contained within intuition. Radiating beauty. Attractive from the inside out.

If you notice this trend in cinema and in the regal houses today, you see the symbolic dress with capes and cloaks. Representatives from monks to priestesses to shamans are clothed in many layers, symbolizing their cultivated spiritual bodies. 

Internally, this “cloak” exists as our electromagnetic field. 

Some call it the aura. It’s a soul’s spiritual-magical manifestation. When developed and healthy, it reflects the various colors of the electromagnetic spectrum, capable of shifting colors depending on mood or intent. It radiates outward and can influence people and the environment. It’s also an active agent in assisting personal manifestation when properly applied. 

The electromagnetic field is a combination of electricity and magnetism. Electricity is the yang force, outward extending. 

The magnetism is the attracting force, the yin energy drawing experiences inward. Enveloped within you is both energies; you’ll need to become skilled enough to harness these push and pull forces in creating. 

In the next chat we’ll explore an exercise to work with this vibrational cloak and build magical regality. Be Well.

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