“…And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The music is your raison d’être.

This is about purpose.

What is your reason for living?

If you have that feeling you’re wandering, just floating throughout life without any real meaning behind your actions, it means you haven’t solidified your raison d’être. Purpose is not a thing, but an abstract, an idea, a vision, something that propels you to do something else. An urge, an impulse, your energizer to make things happen in your life for a specific reason.

One of the main differences between homo sapiens and the rest of organic life on the planet is this ability to select reasons. We go to school for a reason, marry for a reason, create things for a reason, seek wealth or freedom or love or friendships for a reason. Reason is the root motive behind our actions and……

Since our bodies have intelligence, every part of our physical being has reasons for why they function the way they do. You don’t have to think about your blood circulating; it moves without your conscious effort to do something specific. Your immune system constantly regulates and fights and heals you, all cells knowing what to do at the right time in the right moment. Your liver does something specific, as do your eyes and the way they convert light energy/information into what you see all around. Examine the beauty of the eye and you’ll see how everything we have is designed with purpose.

That is, a reason.

So if having reasons is such an important possession, it works to our benefit to construct strong purposes for not only why we live but how we live. If my raison d’être is to simply exist, to accept mediocrity, for example, I will walk, talk, deal with fellow man and my potential with that average level of motive power. And if I exist to accept this, then I should not be surprised to receive a bounty of mediocrity in return.

But if I choose my purpose to be of something greater, higher, more profound and world-changing, then my existence will reflect this. Every aspect of my being will align with this raison d’être and move accordingly.

How do you select your purpose?

Self-examination: Month 1. All of this begins with what’s inside of you. Give yourself a month to think about not what you’ve done, but what you wish your life to stand for. Write down your statements on paper. If you’re into media, what themes do you usually connect with in movies, shows, stories, books? Recognize the patterns.

Trends: Month 2. Observe how your life influences others. What feedback/comments do people tend to give you? What are the ways you tend to help people most effectively? See if these connect to what you’ve learned during self-examination.

Having a definite purpose puts the luster in your eyes. It powers your muscles and makes your mind incapable of being defeated until you see your purpose come to life. The strength of your purpose is tied to the endurance of your will. You must be willing to perish for the purpose you’ve set, otherwise it falls into the realm of fleeting wants and desires.

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