When you’re just starting to share content online you may experience the audacity from some people saying, “What right do you have to share your ideas?”

I encourage you to interpret this as, “What you shared caused me to feel insecure.” 

Introducing your thoughts into the digital world creates the opportunity for readers to comment by default; comes with the territory, and this alone can motivate some writers to hesitate. 

Writer Realization

But remember that your words [and work] are not for everyone; they will not resonate with everyone. You as a writer will not resonate with everyone. 

What you share, and how you share it is designed to connect with a precise mind, one who was looking for your work on the other side of the digital ocean and didn’t know you existed, until they searched, you wrote, and they discovered you.

When they find you, they will connect. Directly or through silent acknowledgment. 

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