This was a message that flowed as stream of consciousness, an emergence based on the current trend our global society is moving (just one of many lenses to perceive the trend). Written a few weeks ago and given further relevance as I currently watch the Netflix series Dark Mirror.

The title itself speaks of the mirror as a reflection, which is its purpose. And the purpose of Julian Von Craft’s work.

A true mirror is supposed to reflect us back to ourselves with crystal clarity; it’s to show the wrinkles, skin moisture, eye color details, everything that one might prefer to see and avoid if anything. When we’re incapable of looking at a true mirror we use the digital filters for airbrushing purposes.

The “dark” in the title shows how this reflection possesses an alter element, another side of the coin of our being. The potential for evil, not dressed up as an external being with horns but the evil within homo sapiens sapiens; it’s the demiurge energy. We manifest the evil by succumbing to darker drives and embodying it in the world. Each episode demonstrates how the  tech-sci advancements made end up revealing a darker component that’s indulged in to the user’s detriment.

Interpretation of this Message from the Self to the self is left to the reader.

You think you’re separate, isolated silos on a planet lush with life.

You think you can build great tech behemoths and replace the sun, the weather, the vegetation.

You think you can thrive on synthetic experiences, synthetic love, synthetic medicine.

You think your way of life will go on indefinitely, impervious to changes because you “built” it.

You think, but you don’t understand.

You think, but now is the time to become wise.

Wise is to understand you are nature, incapable of separating from it.

Wise is to understand your communities reflect the sum total of your individuals.

Wise is to understand the planet will be here when you are not, and the only “world” being destroyed is the one people created.

Wise is to understand the ancients and indigenous understood what today’s thought leaders often do not, so they by definition ought not to be leaders of your thoughts.

It’s time to become wise and to not just know.

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