People don’t change the world. People with ideas do.

And not just people with ideas, but people who, accidentally or through conscious effort, charge their ideas with enough energy that they become something important to others. The strength of that belief, by the originator and others, elevates the idea into something that starts to exist separate from the creator.

That’s a brand and a brand is a modern-day talisman, a self-directed learning concept I discuss in-depth in my upcoming book SAGE Mind.

I’ve always been a student of the learning process, formal classroom and life, and it’s amazing to me how neglected this one area is today. While we hear about the superhero-like accomplishments of people in Silicone Valley and how big some tech industries are becoming, we have an industry that’s responsible for the foundation of our youth’s minds collapsing in plain sight: education. Where are the big headlines for massive disruptive action taken place in education? Where are our geniuses of industry in this sector?

During a social event, one guy I spoke with, a former teacher explained he was responsible for the minds of the kids.

A teacher is responsible for the minds of the kids. An individual who has the minds of hundreds of children under his influence.

Can we see just how important that statement is? His reason for leaving was a common one many knowledge-bearers face in the industry: high-pressure, stress, lack of resources (I still cannot fathom why a teacher has to buy supplies for their classrooms.), bureaucracy, underpaid. My MasterLearn LLC will work to disrupt things a bit.


The Talisman Symbol – A Practical Self-Directed Learning Tool

The ancient talismans may appear foolish or “New Age” by today’s standards. Imagine a person carrying an amulet or necklace or any item and treating it with respect, reverence, cherishing it. The thing means something to that person. The more she gives attention and meaning to that object, the stronger it becomes. And if the strength of her belief in that object transfers to others, the object gains more influence. It’s an ancient brand method.

Fast-forward to 2016. Brands are everywhere, those that are clearly obvious brands. I daresay when we say the word “brand” we only think of companies or the trend saying we’re our own personal brand. I agree with this.

But based on how talismans and beliefs operate, “brands” are truly everywhere and that means talismans are everywhere.

If someone produces a shirt that says, “I love you” on the front and gives it to the love of his life, the influence of that item will be determined by how strongly he and his love acknowledge it, the meaning. If the shirt (and hopefully their love) lasts for 10 years, that item will have accumulated an enormous amount of energy because of the heritage (the meaning) the shirt has with time.

What does this have to do with us? How can we use this for self-education?

It means we have the power to create our own personal talismans, raise our own qualities and share them with the world.

For example, if you want to increase a personal quality, let’s say ambition, you can apply this method. Find or create an object. We’ll use a bracelet in this example. The look doesn’t even matter but it can help if it represents ambition to you. You give the bracelet a name (call it ambition), and you wear it.

In order to “charge” your new talisman with energy (belief), you must acknowledge the bracelet throughout the day. So you create a ritual for it. Perhaps when you wake up in the morning, you put on the bracelet in the mirror and think, “Today I will pursue my ambitions 100%.”

When you go to sleep in the evening and take off the bracelet you think or say, “Tonight I will rest so that I can pursue my ambitions tomorrow.”

When you feel challenged or afraid to take a chance that will propel you forward, you look at your bracelet and acknowledge, “This is a moment I must take action for my ambition.”

What happens over time is you connect the bracelet with your quality. Once the quality is strong within you, you’ll realize you don’t even need the bracelet anymore. You can call upon your ambition without it.

Some may think of this technique as idolization. It’s not, because our natural human condition is based on applying meaning to everything. Worship of an object is idolization. Everything we do is based on applying meaning or lack of. What you’re doing is using how the mind operates to generate whatever qualities you want within yourself.

Paying someone thousands of dollars to give you hope or confidence or any other quality is misleading and only perpetuates a guru syndrome; no one can put the qualities in you. Their words may touch you, the energy may wake you up, but in the end it is you who must manifest who you’re trying to become. The qualities must be awakened and brought out from within.

Making your own talisman is a way to do it.

Applied to the self, you can focus on qualities, habits and skills to isolate and grow.

Applied to groups, you can transmit powerful ideas and inspire them to absorb the meaning.

Applied to business, you can effectively share a brand’s message.

How would you use your talisman?

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