All to say, we should be striving to become wiser, not know-it-all. The wiser you are, the more you can accomplish with less available to you.

Go Inward. Wisdom comes from inside out rather than outside in, so it’s important to give some time to contemplation and quietude. The smoother your connection to your higher self, the easier wisdom flows from you.

Sharpen Intuition. This is the kind of instant understanding that doesn’t come from other people or things. Your intuition is a whole-body/mind experience that “hits” you when you’ve done enough contemplating. This is more of an instinctual experience, faster than rationalizing and going by steps. Practice becoming aware of when you have sudden urge to create or share an idea.

Seek Understanding Over Simply Knowing. When you understand something, it becomes a part of you, changes you from the inside out. You have an in-depth handle on the knowing that allows you to adapt it and apply in multiple situations. You become mature. A mature human is a wise human.