The Yoga of Time Travel was a text I read several years ago about the nature of not just time, but how Time as an experience and force exists and can be worked with in the mind. Fred Alan Wolf’s knowledge isn’t new; the old wisdom from before the Atlanteans through Thoth / Tehuti to the Buddha describes how the mind is at the foundation of all of our experiences. 

Time, physically meaning the movement of particles through space, is a mental experience. And if we can change our mind, we can change how we experience Time. 

Through meditative practices, we can enter (or create) timelines according to our desires, and explore them without having to leave in a mechanical machine. Exactly how to do this? Feel free to Email me for a coaching session or pick up Wolf’s book for a start. 

With this Time knowledge, the manifesting that the New Age sector perpetuates is a half-truth; we do indeed manifest or attract based on our thinking, but the more complete picture involves identifying the timeline we want to be on, and then aligning our current selves with all that connects to it because time isn’t linear; everything that can exist already exists at the same time.

From a career development perspective, if you want a new job just speaking affirmations about it would be least effective. You can generate a more potent “manifestation” by designing that job in your mind ahead of time and becoming it, being it right now, and foreseeing the external experiences that further put you in alignment on that path. 

Have you thought of the skills needed? Where it’s to be located? The kind of tech or resources you need to do your best in that job? The attire? Education needed? Character strengths?

Practical Timeline Creation

How do we do this? We first need to have a vision of where we want to go.

Like planning a vacation, we don’t just randomly speak of a destination then walk out of the door without any bags. We conceive the idea first, then may check online, then check hotels, and pricing. Then we check our travel routes, timetables to arrive at a specific moment. Then we may check out ahead of time what we can do while at the destination: food? Restaurants? Theater? Walkabouts? Are we going alone or in a group? We plan it then act. 

When we’re dealing with timeline creation (actual manifesting), we must invest time in designing our vision with just as much precision. This can be written down in a journal and combined with eyes-closed visualization, imagining and sparking the emotions that coincide with the timeline. 

Simply writing down this vision, telling it like a story can act as a gateway to the subconscious, which plants the energetic seed that starts reconfiguring life according to the timeline. 

Time Observation: Netflix Series, Dark

The subject of time travel is prevalent throughout the Netflix series Dark which, at first glance might not appear to have anything to do with this. But the dialogue, philosophies and science associated with timeline creation is abundant. Of course they don’t divulge the truth, but through its interplay of time periods and character interactions, one can gleam the underlying messages the show aims to share. 

Movies and shows are valuable gems to explore for knowledge because all arts come from the subconscious. Some one or group’s subconscious conceived the ideas, scripts, visuals…it’s all simultaneously sourced from within and inspired by external experiences (which comes from nature or someone else’s subconscious), so cinema creators cannot help but to reveal truths for those who have the eyes to see. 

The show also involves an esoteric understanding of why it’s so important “to know,” and the perils of “not knowing.” 

The main difference between someone skilled at a game and another who is new is knowing. 

Main difference between being fearful or composed when faced with an experience is knowing. 

Main difference between people behaving like robots from world events versus those who remain autonomous is knowing.

Main difference between two people using the same tool and generating different results is knowing…knowing or not knowing how to use it most effectively. 

Knowing, or knowledge [same as “science”] creates confidence and relaxation because trust in oneself develops from knowing our capabilities in a given situation. For this reason the temples of Ancient Egypt and other mystery schools are touched with the most important principle for us to adhere, “Know Thyself.” 

No spoilers but…you can see repeated examples of what happens when people in Dark’s main town hold back knowledge, lie, refuse to share and what happens when knowledge is bestowed upon a person, when they transform from not knowing to knowing. 

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