Undisturbed sense of peace. Calmness under pressure. Free of distress. An air of focus and precision despite what’s happening around you.

In this mental state, you experience the present moment AND strategically map out your decisions to forecast your results. You become immune to distress and know how to take advantage of barriers in your way, converting it to eustress and growth. It’s a state that possesses an intense concentration on holistic development and doesn’t make excuses for actions. Fearless. It allows you to absorb the harshest conditions and move from a state of surviving to thriving. You’re unable to have mental breakdowns. Stressing out is no longer part of your makeup. You become bolder, sharper, edgier, a blend of instinct and wisdom. There’s an enhanced drive in you that only wants to topple those inner demons that seek to hold you back.

This mental state is sought after by the top performers in fields; it’s a peak, in-the-zone state. It’s also the need of the general population to deal with all of the common obstacles that impact daily living: bills, family, careers, choices, futures, navigating issues.

This is the invincible mind.

Top performers are trained rigorously by their coaches [and themselves] to reach this state, with technology and constant measurements to ensure they gain a psychological edge over the competition. But looking at this mental state in this way makes it seem far off, too distant for any “average” human being to achieve. Of course this is false.

Top performers work to achieve this state of mind for to reach their competitive goals but who is to say it wouldn’t also benefit you in daily life? Imagine walking into whatever meeting you have and feeling full of self-assurance. You don’t have concern for the outcome because you expect it to turn out successful. Doubt is absent from your consciousness.

Or you’ve been selected to handle a project on the spot and you need to think fast, take action. Imagine how your performance would be in your invincible mental state; you move without hesitation, tone of voice determined and there is 0% cowardice in you.

If you are in a relationship or have a social circle or leadership position, imagine how fruitful your connections become when you engage people without the stage fright and become the strength of the group. Your focused mind can see with clarity what others may pass over because of shaky nerves.

This powerful mental state is possible to achieve and you don’t need advanced technology or Olympic coaches to give it to you. The potential is within and my next post will highlight some methods you can apply yourself to reach it.

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