Proud to announce that SAGE Mind is now available on Amazon. The work reads as a manifesto would, compiling my collection of ideas based around my invention and method, SAGE Art of Learning.

Back cover summary:

“As our world rapidly evolves, access to information, technological, scientific and medical advances continue to filter into the mainstream. Simultaneously, we’ve added more stress, chaos and inner turmoil by an overemphasis on external validation and short-term thinking. With years of experience working in higher education and a passionate autodidact, Trent shares his insight in this manifesto about the value and application of self-education, and how anyone can transform life experiences into a world classroom to gain wisdom.

Wisdom is the lost currency.

Trent believes a new mindset is needed not just to create new solutions, but to live with clarity and a thriving consciousness. With a focus on how to learn rather than what to think, Trent gives rise to his SAGE Art of Learning as the foundation for this work.”

This is but one brick for the new educational house I’m building, a very important brick. It’s becoming clearer to young professionals and even younger students that the formal education system isn’t providing the experience that truly opens their potential. They must take their growth into their own hands. SAGE philosophy will arm learners of all ages with a mindset that can flourish anywhere, as the classroom is within us all.

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