Imagine this:

You’re speaking to someone and because the person may feel afraid, intimidated or insecure about your ways of thought, you hold back, put on a mask and go on with the conversation. Inward, you’re suppressing. Suppressing what?

– The scope of your thoughts and where you want to go with them
– Insight you gleam from your conversation you put in a mental box
– Any other fun facts you’d like to share but realize your wit will fly over the head of the receiver

This intellectual suppression works against your cognitive and emotional systems of you keep it up. Physically, it can be an energy drain because your body responds to this holding back. Unless you have an outlet, think of yourself as a balloon filling up with air and no release. Eventually you explode leaving a massive tear in your structure. Doesn’t sound pleasant.

My experience isn’t so much as masking but knowing the appropriate times to share specific levels of thought. Interest, motivation and personal temperament are all factors that influence a person’s receptivity to ideas. I recognize everyone is on a personal journey and different development stages. This concept I emphasize in my new book, SAGE Mind, available now on Amazon. This is about the Invitation, but rather than one that invites you to help someone, it’s the Invitation (the right time) to share. It’s a tactful skill of shaping your ideas in ways that people can understand, a mark of a teacher or leader.

Sometimes it’s never the right time to share thoughts; you could just be on a different level and trying to communicate your ideas (force them) simply won’t benefit anyone. The other party isn’t ready, or, you might not be ready for what they have to share with you. Vibration wavelengths don’t match.

For a collection of reasons, many of which would need their own websites to contain, we have varying levels of manifested intelligence. I say “manifested” because we have greater intelligence to express, held off as just potential. Until we access and exercise it, the mental power just remains a possibility. So for those who exercise a higher level, often they experience this pattern of not being able to share their deeper thoughts. More can be gleamed from Ximension, a wonderful site complete with information about that extra intelligence you likely have.

As with any venom, there’s an anti-venom:

– Use technology to connect with like-minds. No, not the dating sites. There are plenty of online sources like Meetup and BeBee that host niche groups. And if you don’t find one that matches your intellectual pursuit, you can create your own there.

– Search ” (Topic Name) Groups in (Your City)” in a browser and see if there are in-person groups to become a member of.

– Create a book club around your thoughts. If you hate books, use the book club strategy for what you prefer. A video club? A YouTube club? A club just to talk about the ideas you yearn to dig into? Think about it.

– Give yourself time (and permission) to be with you. Permission is just as important as time because if you feel guilty about exploring your ideas, it’s less likely you’ll enjoy what comes out of the journey. Switch off the phone, Internet and temporarily step away from those daily activities that tend to become a distraction to silence in your mind. Go on a walk, alone, and sight see while your thoughts wander through ideas you’ve had for weeks but never gave true attention. Go to a cafe and drink your favorite beverage. Listen to your favorite music. Close. Your. Eyes. Choose one day out of the week and make it an exclusive Me Day. Serving your own well-being is but a necessity, especially if you’re in a helping profession or giving capacity. If you don’t take this important time for yourself, the result can be a drain on your life force and physicality. Then how can you truly help others in the best way?

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