Might sound like a cliche to say that our society needs more gentlemen.

We do, but not for the reasons you may assume.

Whenever the word “gentleman” is raised in conversation, on and off the Internet, it’s usually in reference to women. This constant connection makes one assume that men are only this way when relating to women.

I’m here to say that’s wrong.

Man’s relation to woman is but one element in a larger scope of gentleman-hood. The gentle+man is a balanced combination of aggressive and soothing forces. Refined power. The beast in a suit. A man with a solid goal and driven to excel; he emanates noble personal qualities not just to please another human being, but because this is what he expects of himself. Nothing but the greatest extension of himself.

What makes a gentleman is more than a mere suit.

Social media is filled with pictures of guys wearing cool clothes, enjoying luxury and doing plenty of posing. But these two are just elements that comprise a larger scope of the definition.

If you wear a tailored suit and you can’t keep your emotions in check, you’re not a gentleman.

If you own nice cars and boast bundles of cash but you have an unstable temper, you’re not a gentleman.

If you lack strength of character and high ideals, you’re not.

The authentic gentleman is one who understands how to master himself and consequently influences his world in positive ways. He adds value to people’s lives. When the man gains this kind of self-education, he will naturally radiate an energy that’s attractive to women. Then there’s no need to pose, brag or prove a point. The gentleman’s exterior is a result of the gentleman’s mindset.

Mindset & Purpose eCover Transparent885x1298

Mr. Caliber’s Mindset & Purpose is your guide to understanding the mental state that breeds a genuine gentleman. The dialogue is meant to help you understand within the context of an interview.

Forget going to clubs to pick up women.

Forget renting clothes to take photos and post them up on social media for likes.

Forget walking around like you’re God’s gift to women.

Forget trying to tell people how good you are.

That’s not a gentleman, a Mr. Caliber.

Download the free eBook here.

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