On Solitude

For all of the benefits of having healthy connections, there are times when being in solitude is necessary. To go off the grid or at least reduce external noise. Some of us are more solitary than communal and there’s nothing wrong with that. A common pattern those on the mailing list may recognize is, the more developed you become the more solitude you tend to experience. Like a pyramid, the closer to the top to climb there are simply less people relating on that level. 

Beyond this, I’m supportive of solitary time for several reasons. If living in urban environments, the default state is constant external stimulation. It can be useful to be tapped in to what’s happening but there also needs to be time to step away from it, to source from within and work on something without external noise. Some people go on retreats like the Vipassana to reset their system with the least amount of external stimuli.

I encourage you to be rather ruthless with this because if you don’t make it clear you’re not to be disturbed, you will be. People who respect you will respect your time and how you choose to use it.

There’s the Ancient Egyptian story of Heru (The Will) and his uncle Set (Ultimate Raw Power), who wanted to rule and ended up m%rdering his brother Ausar (Divine Identity) who was Egypt’s ruler at the time.

After getting him drunk, Set chopped up his brother’s body and spread the pieces in multiple locations. Heru went to battle Set due to this.

They fought for a long time, with neither side gaining greater advantage.

Eventually Heru sought out guidance from Tehuti (Thoth / Wisdom), who explained fighting Set head on the way he did would create no victory. They fought for years and met only an impasse.

Tehuti told Heru he needed to understand what Set represented. After contemplation (Meditation), Heru understood he could not defeat Set, nor was that the battle’s purpose. It was to recognize Set was an aspect of himself and how they were to work together. To unify rather than compete. Synthesis over separation.

Ultimate Raw Power needs to harmonize with an awakened Will to defeat inner and outer demons. If Heru didn’t contemplate, he wouldn’t have gained this realization. He had to be alone, invest time to meditate and see the solution within himself.

Solitude will grant you:

Energy conservation and refinement. Limiting external distractions, you’ll keep attention directed where you place intent.

Time for thinking outside people’s immediate influence. You reduce the tendency for people to be in your ear as you consider ideas or work on problems. One of the reasons people hesitate to take on a new project or relationships is what others may think. If susceptible, someone’s doubt can be just enough mental fuel to curse your creation into oblivion.

Space to arrive at conclusions on your own. Letting your thoughts arrive at something rather than seeking someone externally to give you an answer. Research after to further learn can be beneficial. Practicing solitude helps to reverse this tendency to look outward first.

Time to rediscover what’s important.  If you signed up to the gym at 2022’s start and already falling off (common trend), some solitude can help get back in touch with what you thought was important. Maybe what you thought was important actually wasn’t. Now it’s time to set new priorities.

Interest to regain connection to emotions and experiences. Excessive outward focus will have you lose touch with the emotional spectrum existing inside. Examine them in solitude so you can see without anyone else identifying what you’re feeling. You can know them for what they actually are.

Spark revelation and inspiration. Inspiration can come from within and the external world, but revelation is an inside job. Something is revealed to you, like a flash of light that washes your body. Some understanding hits you as a wave would. Comprehension is delivered as a full meal you have to unpack.


The links below are some of the sources I discovered along my journey. The creators are masters in their respective fields, each having a mission, service or product to share because it’s a responsibility.

If solitude is calling you, this is an opportune time to use it while absorbing what they have to offer.

Be Well.

SourcesOn Financial Energy

ITM Trading YouTube – Source for knowledge, consultations and offerings on gold, silver and what’s really happening in the economy.

GoldSilver YouTube – Source for knowledge, consultations and offerings on gold, silver and what’s really happening in the economy.

Hidden Secrets of Money YouTube – Will reframe the mind for an accurate perspective about money vs. currency.

Sorelle Amore Finance YouTube – Contemporary video series about the state of financial affairs. They also have a well-written newsletter.

The Rich Dad Channel YouTube – Classic financial education.

The Ramsey Show Highlights YouTube – Useful for small case studies about everyday financial situations.

GoldSilver Blog – For reading up on the latest news. Can also buy here.

Gold Switzerland – Blog written by truth speaker on the economy and gold’s importance. Manages gold portfolios.

In Gold We Trust – The most in-depth report on gold and silver, compiled annually. Free to download.

SourcesOn Investing in Gold & Silver

JMbullion.com – My #1 choice.

Goldsilver.com – Great choice.

ITM Trading – You can work with their consultants and learn from them as you choose to invest.

CyberMetals – By JM, invest in the metals that are kept in a secure vault. You can call your physical gold and silver to take delivery at any time.

SD Bullion – Another great source.

SilverGoldBull – Another great source.

Sources – Other Investing

VinoVest – If interested in investing in wine that’s held for you. You can call the wine in to take delivery at any time. I don’t drink but understand the grapes in this form are assets.

WeFunder – Invest directly into startups.

YieldStreet – Passive-income investing opportunities.

Republic – Invest in startups. 

SeedInvest – Invest in startups.

Sources – Top 1% Financial Knowledge

These will require a financial investment for subscription. As mentioned in previous writings, from spiritual science to finance, the highest knowledge is never free.

Stansberry Research – Investment newsletter including market research.

Shadowstats – Will give you the real deal on the day-to-day economy people experience.

InvestorPlace – Compilation of investment / market research from the 1% financial investors.

Sources – General Finance

ZeroHedge – Non-partisan content about the economy and state of affairs.

80 Financial Calculators – Enough said.

Visual Capitalist – Includes beautiful imagery to convey stories. Covers more than just finance.

Sources – Books – Finance

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Who Stole My Pension?

The Richest Man in Babylon

The Chinese Way to Wealth & Prosperity

Tax-Free Living Ebook

Tax-Free Wealth

Family Wealth

The Prosperity Bible

Sources – Books – Of the Spirit

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

The Kybalion

Outwitting the Devil


In the Buddha’s Words

The Kemetic Tree of Life

The Serpent Power

Qigong – The Secret of Longevity

The Japanese Way of the Artist

The Complete Tao Te Ching with the Four Canons of the Yellow Emperor

Sources – On Privacy

PrivacyGuides.org – Holistic site on everything about online privacy.

Have I Been Pwned – Check if your credentials have been compromised.

SLNT – Products to help your tech go off-grid.

4Patriots – Resources for becoming more independent. 

Judy – Resources for becoming more independent.

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