Beware shiny objects. Greener grass. Persuasive promises. Newest trends gone with the wind. The latest hacks that don’t last. 

While cool for the moment, true value is demonstrated when the creation can stand the test of time; check an antiquarian book price to validate for example. 

My colleague Jacqueline Ore and I offer a combined 15 years of experience going deep into the fundamentals of what it takes to… what you want, create a goal from that want and make a plan for it. 

Reflect on These Goal Questions

Surface Q: What’s your goal?

Deeper Q: Who do you have to become to realize that goal?

Surface Q: Why do you want to reach this goal?

Deeper Q: What experience will this goal bring into your life?

The surface answer always has a deeper, core desire to be fulfilled. The goal is but one of many channels to experience it. 

Happiness? Freedom? Confidence? Goal realization is about mental state experiences. 

When you identify the core state you truly want, then you’re better able to discern whether or not the goal you think you want to reach is for committing, or replacing with another. 

Distilling a want into precise direction exists as a primary challenge for people bringing goals to life. 

In this workshop, we guide, you do the work to: shift from broad desire to laser-focused goal, map out your steps and define commitment. 

09/02/20 – Tickets: 

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