Why You Should Keep Your Top Goals Secret

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When excited about a goal we plan to work towards, there can be temptation to want to tell everyone, blast it out to the world. But this opens up your goal, and by extension your mind to sabotage

A goal is tightly wound to your subconscious; there’s passion, emotional content and vision propelling it to life. 

If you’ve ever brought up an outside-the-box idea to people who aren’t on the same wavelength, you may remember the criticisms or challenges to your ideas. 

This comes with the territory of putting your ideas out into the universe, externalizing them so that they can be touched by others. On the occasions where this action backfired and you were susceptible to influence, you were likely exhilarated, and after their thought-onslaughts, you felt like someone took away the possibilities, a full balloon popped by a pin. 

Goals to be Nurtured

Who knows how many brilliant thought forms today could’ve manifested if not for a destroyer stepping in and saying, “You can’t do that,” to some aspiring mind.

Goal-setting, and the actions you take towards it is a personal process and should be shared with those people you trust the most, not necessarily who totally agree with you, but support. 

Who knows how many brilliant thought forms today could’ve manifested if not for a destroyer stepping in and saying, “You can’t do that.”

This is why leaders in public office, kings, queens, generals etc. have designated advisors and not just anyone to hash out strategies with. Here’s a TED Talk about the power of keeping goals to yourself.

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