At the New Year’s commencement, there tends to be a high energy, a flow for positive vibrations. Dancing. Much merry-making. Partying.

While smitten with the highs, it’s important to recognize how we can ride this frequency’s waves so momentum isn’t lost, to truly achieve GSD (get shit done).

The idea of resolutions, taking on new Ways at January’s start appears to be fading, transitioning more into “goals,” while some may choose to ignore the 1st entirely and focus on the entire year as an accomplishment timeline. To each one’s own.

Resolutions Always Feel “Good?”

Know that there is a difference between feeling motivated and actualizing the action force to collapse time and manifest a vision. Feeling motivated can feel “good,” in the sense that we feel elevated, but actualizing action force doesn’t have to feel “good.” Sometimes there are challenges purposely serving as exercise for us to overcome. For someone who is asleep in consciousness, this may not feel good and so not worth engaging, “quit when the going gets rough.”

Separating the two, we can perceive objectively, knowing that we can both feel motivated and also take action when it doesn’t feel pleasant, to “do what is necessary.” This is often called grit.

If New Year’s resolutions remain attractive, check out my previous year’s post here. I outline specific inner technology we can use to amplify our vision and bring a thought to life.

Blend that post with this new series released by Marie Kondo, master minimalist and tidier, called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. You may recognize her work in the book Spark Joy. I recommend synthesizing her philosophy as an asset for treating what we already have with appreciation, looking for value instead of quantity.

Happy New Year.

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