New Year’s goal setting is an opportune time to start fresh: new ideas, plans, cutting things and people off, rebuilding. These activities can be done at any time during the year of course, but I can see how there’s something special about the energy flow with a new yearly date. Psychologically, there’s newness to it. And with the end of this 2019 in particular, this one appears special. A decade’s end, and this new one brings in a metaphorical “2020 vision,” to represent clear vision. Other ways to describe this 2020 Vision:

  • Perception clarity
  • Truth coming to the surface, to one’s awareness
  • Things being brought to the light
  • Ugliness, the detestable, the unappealing, the unwanted also being brought to awareness
  • People’s “true colors” will start to show
  • Knowledge becomes more accessible

Each of these I could write about in more detail in their own posts; for now, we can see the underlying pattern of things being seen, those things that might have been previously unseen or unrecognized, and this doesn’t mean all of those things will be pleasant, fun or enjoyable.

To see clearly will be clarity regardless of whether we like it or not, whether it’s fun or entertaining or not; this isn’t clear vision’s point. It’s simply to see clearly, objectively, from a distance that then enables us to make a choice unencumbered by the cloudiness unclear vision tends to create.

Clear vision can destroy reactive behavior, in potential.

In actuality, we still have to choose the course of action based on what we clearly see and become responsible for those consequences.

The evidence that we’ve chosen “correctly” based on clear vision will be shown in how the consequences elevate or degenerate our being.

When we choose opposite of our elevation despite the clear vision, we’re seeing evidence that something exists in the subconscious holding us back.

Clear Vision 2020 is about revealing our life classrooms, the schools we’re in, what we’re studying, who our classmates and teachers are, and whether we’re ready to graduate to the next class.

New Year’s is a tempting time to create grand goals, make large moves, to do, do and do some more. If we take action without giving attention to the most important support system we have in these endeavors, we set ourselves up for self-sabotage. That support system is the subconscious mind.

It doesn’t matter how many affirmations, positive messages or external actions we take, if our subconscious is littered with toxic, self-destructive programs, these ideas will remain in the mental plane. We fail to actualize these goals. The subconscious blocks them from being realized.

Subconscious Blocks to Grand Goals

If someone compliments you, tells you you’re beautiful and your programming is you’re ugly, that compliment won’t be received and may even be rejected. You may even respond to that person in an insulting manner or shrug them off, coming off cold-hearted.

If someone acknowledges your talent and your programming tells you there is no talent, even when you produce great work with it and others experience its value, you will still feel talent empty and cannot see what you’ve genuinely done.

If you create grand goals and your programming doesn’t support them, these goals have no inner power backing them, because you truly don’t know that you can bring them to life.

Singular thoughts can be influential; enough to raise blood pressure and increase stress. Repetitive, similar thoughts create a consistent frequency in the brain; we call it “habitual thinking.” The thoughts run on autopilot, which is the same as saying they’re programmed in the subconscious.

There are hundreds if not thousands of technologies to reprogram the subconscious for elevation. Here I propose just one:

Check in with how you speak to yourself.

Set aside what others are telling you at the moment.

Forget about the affirmation quotes, the spiritual parties, the entertainment, the cool T-shirts and mugs.

Sit down with yourself and give attention to the thoughts flowing in your own mind, away from these experiences.

The Basic Method

Find a notebook and make two columns.

In one column, track your positive thoughts. In the second column, track your negative thoughts.

You will carry this notebook with you so you can capture these thoughts when they surface.

This book isn’t for ideas to build something, only to track your thoughts.

What you’ll notice over time is how repetitive some of these thoughts are, for either side.

You’ll know these are thoughts to write down because they will have an interrupting quality. You could be doing something, focused elsewhere and then you’re suddenly hit by one of them, like a pulse.

Seeing this pattern will provoke some self-reflection, and the mere pattern awareness will start sparking a mental shield’s foundation, because you can now “see your thoughts” on paper.

This is a first step to mental fortification, the kind that produces an authentic, healthy self-image despite what’s around you. This first step is a basic necessity, because the worst mental attacker is you, and the first metaphysical law states that All is Mind, all is IN the mind.

Thought Types

You may notice that your thoughts tend to focus on how you look, or how you speak, or walk, or how people respond to you, or what you have or don’t have. They may not be full-fledged coherent sentences but energy pulses (emotions) giving you information that you can put into words.

Write them down without editing.

What do you do once you recognize the self-limiting thoughts?

They have to be eliminated or more precisely…transmuted. Changed. You cannot kill the thoughts because they’re energy. They need to be transformed into different thoughts. When you see the positive column, you give more attention to those thoughts over the negative.

When you dissolve the negative thoughts, something will have to fill that space because nature does not allow voids. Something else will take they’re place. You need to deliberately program new thoughts in the negative’s place. This is where you will find the many technologies discussed here and in other sources more useful, like:

  • Meditation
  • Being Around Positive People
  • Vision Boards
  • Affirmations & Quotes
  • Yoga
  • Other Consciousness Modalities

Start with the basic thinking method then move on to more advanced practices and you will see that your conduct, and outcomes it produces becomes not just higher quality but are more grounded and establish lasting internal change.  Happy New Year 2020.

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