If you’ve had the smallest experience in working with energy, you’ve come to realize that we can do what we do with that energy because it abides by certain principles. Like our ability to harness electricity by using wires and copper and bulbs, and those positive and negative signs when plugging in batteries, we can learn to direct energy from our minds to accomplish goals. It works because creation operates under energetic systems. They’re also considered universal laws.

By the word “law,” I do not mean to say that someone picked up a book and wrote them down. They are not human-made; they existed before people, put in place by the All or Oneness.

Some call that force God, the One, Oneness, Supreme Being, Goddess or simply the Creator. That force responsible for all manifestation is also responsible for these “laws” that operate throughout the universe. It is independent of religion, background or belief system and work within them. These laws provide evidence of order created from chaos.

Why are Universal Laws Important?

We only need ask why eating healthy food or reducing stress is important. We intuitively know when we eat better we feel better. The body processes whatever we put inside of it. Armed with this knowing, we can take action to improve our condition by seeking out food that helps us instead of harms us.

When we feel stressed, our bodies also respond to it in many ways, including cortisol release which suppresses our immune system and higher order cognition. This is partly why a person makes “rash” decisions under stress, or says words later regretting and states, “I just wasn’t myself.

Without having to perform a formal research investigation into papers, we analyze our own experiences and just know the effects by how we feel. Armed with this awareness, we can discover what tends to stress us out and what can eradicate it.

When we have universal law awareness and how they operate, we live more like life engineers instead of life victims. We become more empowered to apply our minds and energy in the world with purpose.

Applying the universal laws to our daily life is spiritual artistry.

The Law of Focus

Let’s cover the Law of Focus. It states that whatever we focus on we become better at. It may sound too simple to ponder about, but let’s really take a look at this.

Attention is focused energy. Imagine the sunlight being focused into a specific space, almost like a laser; it can put a hole through paper. When left scattered, it may just heat the paper up. Our minds work in this way. When we focus on too many thoughts our attention scatters, our energy scatters. We’re less effective at manifesting those thoughts than we could be if we harnessed more attention for a single thought at a time. Focusing on multiple thoughts means we’ll become better at scattering our energy.

This law, like all the others just exist. They are neither good nor evil; they are neutral, and can be worked for our benefit or harm.

That means…

If we focus on complaining, we’ll become better at it. We reinforce the habit of looking only at a situation’s negative side. The energy we pour into the complaint strengthens our manifestation of it. And the more we apply the law of focus this way, the tougher it becomes to change direction. It can become so habitual that we even end up becoming skeptical about the amazing things that happen to us. Ever have someone do something great for you and you still questioned the motive?

We can also see this law at work when two people are faced with the same situation and react differently.

Let’s say two people at a restaurant receive their orders. Both happen to notice a hair strand in their salad. The first person flips out at the sight and turns their rage onto the waiter. A shouting match ensues as the waiter retaliates. Both voices startle the other guests and the manager comes out. Now the guest argues with the manager about the poor service and the hair. Some people take out their phones and start recording, finally having a chance to find someone to post on social media and talk about. The guest’s spouse is also feeling embarrassed now that he snapped and being recorded. Eventually, they’re asked to leave for causing such chaos. They also unknowingly go viral on Facebook.

The second person sees the hair strand, feels shocked, lets his spouse know about it and he contacts the waiter. He tells waiter about it, how he now feels cautious about eating salads from the restaurant and asks for a refund. The waiter apologizes for the issue and then informs his manager. The manager comes out, also apologizes and then offers a complimentary salad along with an additional order for their distress. The guest accepts.

In one situation, the focus held strong to proving a point while the other transformed the situation into an advantage. It all depended on where they turned their focus.

Putting this law to work for us is so important because it can help accelerate our growth.

Think of those times when you poured your heart out into something. A work of art, music, a piece of writing, a sport. Remember how it felt when you gave your all. Total attention.

For me, I feel the rewards most deeply when I know I put 100% of focus into a creation, feel sore muscles and energy exerted, and see that effort bear fruit. We can reproduce that feeling whenever we wish, so long as we operate with the law of focus.

I like to emphasize mini practice exercises because working small can help us strengthen over time. Here are some ways we can put the law to use for our benefit:

Choose an area you want to improve your focus on. It could be family-related, friendship, a project, specific goal. Whatever you choose, be precise.

When you wake in the morning, decide you will focus in that area. This is a necessary step. The decision will influence how you see the rest of the day. You may forget about the decision but your subconscious always remembers. You’ve sent the order to it and it will listen.

Acknowledge the distractions for the focus. What gets in your way? Be honest. Write down a list of the distractions. A distraction is anything that weakens your focus.

Harness your focus. Design your sacred space. Turn on your music. Meditate. Do your best yogic asanas. Create your sigil. Perceive within your oracle cards. Exercise. Give yourself to an activity that puts you in a state of calm strength.

Work on your focus. If it’s a project, this is the time to engage it. The more attention (or energy) you give to it, the more it grows, like a house built brick-by-brick or a plant needing soil, water and light. If it’s a situation or habit, you can rehearse the experience in your imagination. Think about how you intend to handle it, replay it several times in your mind. Since we know that imagination is not fictional, you really are doing work in the astral.

Repeat these steps and observe. You’ll notice the results of your efforts over time. How you’ll benefit most, though, is sharpening your eye of how the law of focus operates.

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