In a recent Instagram post as a prelude to this article, I mentioned the importance of ensuring our immunity is strong regardless of the situation we’re in. Today’s increasing panic about the spreading coronavirus seems to be creating a knee-jerk, reflexive approach to health that won’t solve the underlying issue.

When sick, with the flu or corona or common cold or other imbalances, there’s an overemphasis on sourcing quick fixes to get better. I’m thinking of a commercial showing a person eating a pizza then having heartburn. Someone shows up to give him a pill to relieve the heartburn; he feels better then returns to eating pizza.

The pizza isn’t really the problem.

It’s his mindset and choice to eat what gives him heartburn, thinking a pill is going to remove the accumulated effects. That’s not health investing.

If the collective focus is on returning to the state before a global viral infection, that’s still not going to create a state of “getting better.”

Coronoavirus itself is quite the annoyance, but its effects are becoming more pronounced because people’s immune systems are already compromised.

“Health is wealth,” a cliché phrase and truth. With health, we increase our life quality in every moment. Our time to act with vigor in the world is lengthened. With health compromised, a moment can feel like torture.

Health is a wealth element because it supports sustainability and life extension.

As with other wealth forms, health is an investment. We receive it upon birth to some degree, the jing raw essence described in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is up to us to take the steps towards ensuring its maintenance and enhancement.

To do that, like other wealth forms, we can take meticulous steps to research, understand our body-mind systems and design a discipline to take action based on scientific knowledge.

Over the decades I’ve invested quite a bit of focus on understanding the nature of health and can say research, contemplation and practical application are necessary to produce blooming vigor that lasts.

That vigor is like a jewel, Ayurveda’s ojas, the Shen Yun or divine bearing; it puts the spark in your eyes, makes your limbs nimble, imbues one with endurance, magnetism, empowers intelligence to flow clearly.

Health involves having abundant light. We intuitively recognize this when we say some person or idea is “bright” or “dull.”

Each day is an opportunity to cultivate this state we’re calling “healthy.” It’s equally an opportunity to self-destruct.

Coronavirus’s path is moving throughout the world. I find discussions of prevention to be less productive because of this; it’s a highly transmittable virus. Charged words like “social distancing,” “avoidance,” “anxiety,” “fear” are further producing external and internal (bodily) environments conducive to becoming sick.

If you’re familiar with any of my work, you know that language can influence mental states. That means they can impact emotions, and emotional states can influence the body. So what we say and what we mean when we say something can influence our health.

In some ways, the citizenry is making itself sicker by how it’s speaking about the coronavirus.

Rather than obsess on how to completely avoid it, I propose people can be better served by fortifying themselves at the various levels: mental/spiritual, emotional and physical.

For the men with the mind to know, this also corresponds to fortifying your kingdom.

By fortifying, and making this investment in your health daily, immunity becomes strong so it can withstand bacterial or viral invasions. The system can then fight it off, making the symptoms less severe, speeding up recovery time.

At the physical level, fortifying involves equipping the body with cleaner, purer blood flow, high white blood cell count, balanced organ systems that can detoxify and do their natural jobs.

In the body there is an Order, a Ma’at, a Dharma, a Tao to be followed.

Metaphysically, fortifying involves raising your vibration, the energy level or “tone” you radiate as an electromagnetic being to a level beyond the harmful vibration you’re exposed to.

In light science, it is known that everything in creation has a vibration because everything vibrates or is in constant motion.

That vibration is like a signature. The signature produces an effect. A virus is no different.

It has a vibration, and the frequency it creates produces an effect if it meets a vibration (a host) that is weaker. To overcome the virus, the host needs to operate on a different, higher vibration. The higher vibration “changes” the lower, or in more alchemical terms, “transforms” or “transmutes” the lower into a form that no longer causes harm.

This is why viruses and bacteria cannot exist in certain environments, while they thrive in others.

Another way to look at it: evil acts can only thrive in environments that nurture wicked, weak tendencies: stealing, murder, conniving, avarice and their ilk grow in environments that support the toxicity.

Below I will share some of the resources I’ve connected with for a long time to fortify immunity. Links provided are directly to the sources I invest from.

1. Garlic

Garlic is classically known in fiction to ward off Dracula, the dastardly vampire of all vampires. One may wonder why out of all foods and herbs and roots would garlic be the chosen? Garlic keeps Nosferatu away and it’s also immune boosting.

Consistent garlic intake can soften a flu’s impact, lower blood pressure, aid in digestion issues and can clear nasal congestion. I have one garlic extract in a small veg capsule daily with a meal, so it serves as part of my meal. The current source I invest from is out of stock. Here’s an alternative.

2. Elderberry

The old elder has a long history in herbal and folk medicine. Experienced in many forms, elderberry is also a popular contemporary go-to when it comes to health and colds in particular.

Elderberry can strengthen bones, encourage new bone tissue, increase immune strength, reduce aging spots, lower blood pressure and diabetes.

Elder also has laxative-type properties, which can be good for people who have constipation. Remember that “going” may not be a fun topic to talk about but “going” is absolutely vital to keeping your system clean.

Remember that digestion and elimination are necessary for the body to detox / purify.

As Above So Below, when your body can cleanse so can your spirit. Elder can support the body to become “regular.” I typically use the syrup form and put a few drops into my evening power drink. Source.

3. Silver

Silver is the werewolf’s kryptonite. At least in the traditional stories, a silver bullet would be enough to put down the beast.

For years it’s been known that silver has several anti-type qualities, and there are subcultures in society that will debate how nonsensical this knowledge is. I tested that out on Twitter once.

Common rebuttal is silver causes skin color to turn greenish-blue and this is true with certain forms that are not pure silver. This form I’m introducing consists of pure silver ions. Choose your side.

Silver in its liquid nanoparticle form is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, a natural antiseptic, a top infection enemy and can be taken internally as well as used topically. I generally have one cap full once each weekend and on an intuitive basis during the week. On occasion I’ll pour a small droplet into each ear to clean the canals.

If I’m battling germs, I’ll have a cap full before sleep to facilitate deeper healing. Source here.

4. Zinc

Zinc is another immune-boosting mineral that our bodies absolutely need to function properly.

Unlike silver, which can be used as a luxury, try to live life with depleted zinc and you risk existing without one of the basic minerals for the body to replenish itself.

Men may be surprised to know that there is a heavy concentration of zinc in seminal fluid, which has a direct connection to the brain. To be discussed in another article, waste away the “seed” in frivolous, unconscious sexual activity and away goes the zinc. Check out the IG for more sacred masculine knowledge.

In addition to immunity, zinc supports neurological function, physical growth and enhances energy levels. I have two caps full before bed, to nourish my physical system while sleeping. It also includes copper and silica in nanoparticle form. Source here.  

5. Korean Red Ginseng (Hongsam)

My favorite root for over nearly a decade. Korean Red Ginseng is a power pack full of immune-enhancing nourishment.

There are many ginseng types out there but hongsam has the highest and most unique count of what’s called ginsenosides, compounds that support biological anti-stress capabilities.

This particular root had 400+ scientific research studies conducted on it to prove its ability to enhance stamina, support memory, enhance fatigue resistance and strengthen blood circulation. All features for a solid immune system. Source to the only place I invest from here. The company is 100+ years old.

6. Physical Exercise

Readers on this site will be familiar with exercise’s benefits for the immune system: strengthened lung capacity, increased healthy blood cells, physical strength enhancement, increased concentration, stronger discipline, better mood, increased dexterity. The list goes on.

Whatever your exercise choice is, go for it. I prefer martial arts training and have taken a liking to the kettle bell.  Ensure you are consistent so the body’s adaptive nature has an opportunity to change it over time.

7. Positive Mental Thought Vibrations

As we move more into intangible immunity methods, some readers might wonder what these have to do with an immune system.

It’s important to note that “immune system” is a broad term to describe an overall resistance we have to something. And because we are not just bodies but have minds or spirits and a soul (something animating your body), we would be foolish to think that we wouldn’t require immunity at every level of our being.

As an example, people can be emotionally abused or sick, due to many circumstances. This state isn’t “physical,” but the energetic influence on the body can produce physical sickness. Therefore, we should develop emotional immunity from those experiences that aim to create emotional imbalance in us.

Another example: You can test just how strong your mental immunity is by observing your response to criticism. If you’re on a job and told your work sucks, observe how you respond to the words.

Do you carry that thought with you all day?

Are you obsessing over it after work?

Is your self-esteem low because one person shared their thought with you, even though others may think your work is excellent?

Could your work really use some improvement and you’re taking the comment as just offensive?

Emotions stem from the mind, or thoughts.

We can self-prove this by examining an experience from two perspectives.

Let’s toy with love and imagine a person we love says they hate us. Close the eyes and feel what that would be like. Now, imagine that same person saying they love you and put yourself into that experience.

The mere thought might’ve produced some physical response, maybe in the gut, along with an emotion. The thinking, and how we perceive that thought is what produced the different emotional states.

From our earlier discussion on vibrations, each thought is a vibration. When repeated, it creates a frequency. Thinking the same thoughts produces a resonance that establishes a habit.

By “habit,” it means your neural architecture created very strong connections, with consistent synapses firing over those connections.

Can we develop a habit of thinking a certain way? Definitely, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The mental habit is shown when we’re put in an experience that causes us to respond by reflex. The instinctive thought tends to be the habitual one. That’s where the subconscious programs exist.

To fortify and build immunity against thoughts (or vibrations) that can harm, you have to cultivate a habit of thinking at a higher level.

Fill your mind with more elevated concepts, expansive topics, ideas that stimulate you to growth. This can become habitual. This can be done through the usual mediums: books, video, audio, contemplating your own thoughts alone or being in the company of people who have these kinds of vibrations.

“Immunity” in this sense is about how resilient your mind is when a harmful thought attempts to penetrate.

8. Emotional Hygiene

Emotions carry energy. Like any other energetic influence, we can be “washed” by these over time. Emotions by nature are not negative; they are the energetic mechanisms that move us to strong action, to emote. But they too exist on a high-low vibration spectrum, scales encouraging health and illness.

It’s interesting to me that despite this knowledge, there are still advocates out there who emphasize feeling low consistently (as a habit) is a good thing.

When we know that the emotion we call “hate” fires up the body, for example, can increase the stress hormone cortisol and cause a person to be possessed by this state, committing actions that can harm another, there are still camps out there saying this is a normal, natural human feeling.

Resentment. Jealousy. Hate. Sloth. These states do not support immunity.

They keep a person trapped in what some call Samsara, that internal suffering wheel where the person maintains a negative (life-destroying), obsessive relationship with the object or person.

Hating someone, resenting another, being jealous of are all attachment-based emotional states that bind the mind. This binding keeps a person susceptible to influences, thus weakening immunity.

9. Verbal Hygiene

We’ve covered this a few times on The Crown. Worth repeating. Verbal hygiene here means to be mindful of words spoken, either to others or to self.

Heard of loose lips sink ships? That’s a lot of power.

Words indeed produce worlds, are a world’s source as a word at the root is (again) a vibration, or a sound imbued with meaning.

Words released from your lips don’t just dissipate; in a literal sense those sound waves continue throughout the universe, perhaps transforming, but never destroyed. The meaning given is absorbed by your spirit (subconscious) and programmed there if the intent is strong enough. Others can also absorb what you speak.

Tell someone how you much you appreciate them for who they are in your life and watch how they light up, filled with acknowledgement that you see them in a genuine way. A simple gesture like this, though just words coming from you, could make the difference in a person’s mental journey from toxicity to elevation.

Try an experiment.

Go one day without complaining about something. When you complain, write down a slash or a note in a journal. Then observe how many times a complaint comes out of your mouth, or how few. Try the same with a self-criticism, or another time observing how often you criticize another. You may be surprised to see how subtle, and habitual these words flow from you.

Speak uplifting, nourishing, growth-oriented words. From what we understand here on The Crown about challenges, you first learn to transform these experiences by how you speak about them.

10. Meditation

Meditation’s many benefits for immunity are too numerous to list here. Better off just reading the scientific list. One of the coolest: increases grey brain matter (You get smarter, which can help you make better decisions about immunity overall).

Immunity as a Way of Life

These are just a few sources from my personal lifestyle. Whether I have a cold or not, I enjoy these and treat them with the regularity of eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With appreciation I am aware that these nutrients are not here just to satisfy me, but support my development for the work I’m to do here on this plane.

They’re allies, and I trust they will inspire you to see health not just as a fad or a gamble, but an active investment you nurture.

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