Questions reflect a mind’s height. Questions are arrows, a cognitive tool to direct focus. Answers are targets, formed based on a question’s quality. 

The Q — a circle with a line running through it. The line is the symbol for direction, being willing to step outside of a loop that may no longer be viable.

Some questions one might dare not ask, as the very thought of its answer could challenge one’s beliefs. Courageous minds ask questions that prompt innovative approaches. Nikola Tesla asked how one might run an electric current from the earth to power the world. His answer came from ancient electromagnetic vibration knowledge and proved it. 

The quality of solutions we arrive at in society correlate with the questions we introduce into the societal psyche. 

Questions for Contemplation

How do we strengthen the immune system vs. harbor fear of infections?

Is technology “good” or “evil,” or is this determined by the user’s application?

Does “new” always equal “superior?” 

Does “old” always equal “inferior?” 

If everything we make comes from imagination, why is it treated as fictional?

Is the U.S. poverty increase the reason why there is no western coverage of China’s poverty alleviation plan, where they intend to eradicate poverty by end of 2020?

Guided Meditation – Vibrational Library 

One tool I’ve found to be useful for expanding imagination is guided meditation, but not just any, the kind where I am to be the main character in the experience and move through environments. This practice has several benefits:

  • The “world” created comes from my own mind-stuff, so I strengthen inner sight with designing the details, all of the “fabric” involved in producing a room. This same skill with world-making influences the world-making externally, like imagining the piece of writing or professional presentation.
  • Using this “fabric,” I directly experience what it’s like to shape, reshape and creatively alter the space. Also relevant to imagining career-based scenarios and making life choices.
  • Concentration strengthens from consistent practice “holding” the world together just using imagination. Relevant for maintaining focus on an intention that may require extended time periods and involve redirections, those “monsters” and “battles” mentioned previously. 
  • The many ways the subconscious can be communicated with through messages in the worlds. It’s information that can be extracted and put to practical use in daily living.
Audio Guided Meditation from MasterLearn

For you, I created the Vibrational Library, an audio guided meditation that gives you a tour within your own knowledge storehouse.

You’ll be guided to design your library, see the books, the scrolls and access messages strolling through your space. With this skill, you can ask yourself questions and receive answers in the way that’s best tailored for the circumstance. Download here at my new MasterLearn Shop. 


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