Steps are symbolic of journey points.

They ascend or descend, or can zigzag depending on the design. Steps represent motion, movement in some direction.

Steps are ever-present; they represent the “what’s been here all along” we may not recognize if dominated by emotional excesses.

Steps request action from us.

We must initiate the act of putting our foot on it, apply effort to lift our legs. Steps can reveal to us how fit we are, how fatigued we become when we’re walking them a few times.

They indicate to us that they are always available but will not come to us if we don’t stretch forth to meet them.

Steps provide a platform for a destination; they lead to some place, thus providing focus for knowing when we are “there.”

Steps are designed to lead somewhere specific, different from having one’s “head always in the clouds.”

Steps imply traversing, that we step up from or down from various views for different perspectives.

Steps symbolize resting points, where we can sit and gather our resources and decide how to go about the next.

We can slip off steps and fall, accidents may or may not occur.

We can skip steps by jumping but only if we’re skilled enough to leap, to be agile and balanced to land.

Once at the destination, looking back at the steps shows us just how important each step was.

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