Acquiring Vs. Manifesting Happiness

Trent Rhodes Learning & Mindset Leave a Comment

The more happiness remains an abstract ideal the more challenging it becomes to manifest.

The language used around this word automatically plagues a person’s success. Happiness is not something we find, grab, capture, receive or are given.

Marketing programs teach us that some external thing will be the provider of an emotional state such as happiness and we eat it up.

We then create a psycho-physical-spiritual anchor that trains us to believe things actually “give” a state of happiness.

In reality, happiness is a state of being that manifests within when we are in internal alignment.

Happiness then is not a goal but a natural effect (like joy) of thinking and living in life-enhancing ways. Instead of thinking, “I’ll be happy when I have XYZ,” we need to reverse this to, “I am happy and naturally attract what I intend.”

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