Meetings appear to be dry gatherings of little worth, but they can be useful opportunities to expand your influence for missions you resonate with.

P.S. – Meetings don’t just happen in companies and can take many forms (masterminds, lunch out, the classic golf scene, impromptu) so it’s essential to know how to be effective in them.

Empower Your Meeting With…

1. Mundane Technology: Study the agenda beforehand. If there’s no formal agenda, gauge from those hosting it what the topics will be about. Then do your research so you’re competent at the table. Bring a notepad for taking notes. Prepare to ask at least 2 questions to advance discussion and 1 way you can add value to the group.

2. Metaphysical Technology: Close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting at a meeting. Create the characters involved; give them unique characteristics. Now engage the meeting in your most confident skin. Have fun with it and practice several rounds. You’re programming your spirit (and brain) to act in the physical world with this energy.

Have a meeting to prepare for? I can assist. Contact me at and visit my company site, MasterLearn for more information on becoming a professional aspirant.

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