Instagram’s algorithms are not working in users’ favor.

They’ve reduced the % of followers who see our content, which means less engagement, less traffic, less opportunities for connection. For evidence, check out your ratios of followers to Likes or Views. This filtering may prompt some users to seek promotional methods for gaining more advertising; instead of the 2k followers organically accessing your post, now 300 may see it, challenging users to pay for additional advertising so the rest of the 1700 could (possibly) see it along with those outside the followers.

If you organically grew a large audience and 3% actually see your content, the algorithms are working against you. Refer to my post here about how to purpose the content we post online so the work doesn’t dissolve in the social media space. If we work these systems effectively, we can still manifest our intents, however it’s done with the game predisposed towards these companies reaping a greater majority of the benefit. The millions of us who post feed the social platforms with data, which in my previous post I illustrate empowers companies to create products to sell back to us. So we “pay” with our data, and then we pay again in dollars to use what they created with our own data.

One way to navigate this is to be conscious of the data we decide to share. Ensure it’s not information we’d prefer to keep private, like our passwords and account info. Be conscious of the type of conversations chosen over the Internet.

Another is to think about creating your own spaces to house your content. Social media can be valuable and plenty of businesses thrive just through the social, but remember the information isn’t yours so long as you’re posting on the apps. It’s called “social” media for a reason and not “private” media.

Set up your own website and house your content there. Buy your own domain and own your name.

I’ve created an extension of my blog, where we can engage more directly. I’ll share alerts, information pertinent to empowerment and you’ll have easier access to book my services if desired.

Download the Wix app and use the code: THECROWN. Link:

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