I’m not much interested in posting video on others’ platforms; I prefer to keep most content in-house ( Video shown on my IG TV will be provided on my own sites as well). But I see the value in sharing quick content through a social media platform already built up. In many ways it serves ecosystems we create. Millions of people are on the platforms and for some, Instagram is a business model in itself.

While building content for my space, you can view IG TV on my 3 accounts:




I had a conversation a few weeks ago about online content. The question of distribution I think is an important topic, meaning…how much content to post on public social media platforms versus saving it for other purposes: products or focused content that can be delivered through a more controlled channel.

Example: I write plenty among the IG, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms. While the writing can be useful for connecting with readers on a convenient app, that writing may appear to be wasted because the work isn’t being harnessed or prepared for a medium that can make a larger ROI, like a book. The creative energy used to freely write on social platforms could be better utilized for other work; this is the idea.

The same drive to write a post could be converted into writing a chapter. Or drawing a piece. Or a sculpture. The energy transmuting into these different forms that would otherwise go to a post that dissolves into the social media world. I agree that this can be the case.

To avoid this from occurring, creators can use this simple best practice that involves re-purposing.

Save all of your social media writing.

If you post on any social media and want to retain the writing, copy the content and save it in a document. Or, write it in your notes App and then post. You can then place your work into separate documents or house them in just one for reviewing later. You will notice that your poetry, thoughts, prose and everything else will accumulate quite significantly over time. Since the work is saved, you can go back to it for review and select how you wish to work with it in your creative projects.

This practice will help you to build up writing content that can serve your other projects.

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