Trend: The DNA Test Exchange

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Trend: It’s important to recognize the popularity pattern for products and services are liable to be hijacked. If you’ve been seeing more of these DNA test/ancestry commercials lately, think back to the original site, That platform was one of the first to help people investigate lineages, but no need for DNA acquisition.

Then, these tests were introduced to make the process easier. All we have to do is give a company our DNA and they’ll do the work.

The DNA Test Exchange

The exchange? Of course there’s one: by sending in our DNA, we consent (authorize by contract) for it to be used in proprietary ways. That means future products and services can be created and sold back to us, using our own life essence. Because we authorized it, companies can make millions while the contributors make nothing, similar to the social media space, where we build the system by our content, and companies create new products to sell back to the contributors.

Make your own choices but do so with awareness. Research, “5 biggest risks of sharing your DNA with consumer genetic-testing companies” on CNMBC.

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