We have a few health evaluation layers to look at when considering how well we are: physical, mental/spiritual, emotional, material, nutrition, social.

We also need to include genetic.

Collectively, these factors lead us to acknowledge the principle, “Know Thy Self.”

Example of Individualized Health

If I go to a doctor for vitamin D analysis, a doctor who is ignorant of genetic distinctions, then my vitamin D level will be compared to a general pool which may say my levels are fine. The baseline for what is normal will differ from my genetic baseline.

My genetics say that, by my African heritage, my skin needs up to an hour per day of direct sunlight to absorb the amount of sunlight needed for optimal D production, while someone of another genetic lineage may need less than 20 minutes and may burn with longer exposure.

These differences, factored into our own individualized health plans negate the regiments and trends out there that say everyone needs the same exact diet and experiences to thrive. This book, Biochemical Individuality, can be a useful starting point for those wanting the data on how our systems need customized care at all levels.

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