Aside from writing’s imprint on our memory, there really is something special about putting words on paper. There’s something even more special about writing to oneself.

Have you ever said, “If I knew what I know now when I was younger, things would be different?”

It’s important to remember that writing is really spelling, both in the sense of putting words and energy together. The letters combine to form syllables that form words we understand; there’s intention in those words and thus, they have meaning to us. They influence.

So when we consciously use quantum writing, we’re writing with specific purpose in mind, transferred onto paper or computer and even Facebook messenger. If you do a quick examination of your Facebook wall you’ll see how this letter magic with mere sentences cause anger and web fights, starting petitions and supporting causes.

Here you will work in the “quantum” space, the subconscious realm dealing with possibilities and potentialities. We’re experiencing different realities through mental imagery and visualization.

Firstly, you’ll need paper. The paper style is your choosing. If you have the access, go with a style other than the normal white-lined paper.

Next, place yourself in the mindset of the future you. As the future you, you’re writing a message to your present self. The future you has already manifested what you intend to experience today. Embody the feelings of what it’s like to have manifested those intentions.

For a technique to enter this deep state, read my post on meditation here.

Now, once in that state, write your letter.

What would you want to say to your present self?

What would you want your present self to know?

What should he or she look out for?

What have you learned from the manifestation?

Give yourself over to this frequency as you produce your message.

On a metaphysical level, you’re working with a few operations. One is projection. You’re embodying the vibrations of what you aim to accomplish in the present moment, which will assist you realizing them. You’re bringing it into existence by being it in this moment.

Another is the hypersigil; this letter writing is a variant of the original technique. The famous comic writer Grant Morrison uses the hypersigil by transforming himself into a character and creating story for himself.  Story elements he writes begin to manifest in his actual life by means of this embodying practice. Taking your self and designing a world around it through art gives your consciousness more expansiveness, unlimited, similar to how unlimited we are in dreams or astral travel.

Now that you have your letter written, you may seal it in an envelope. Speak power words to secure your intention and put a stamp on it. You’re literally going to mail it to yourself.

Once it returns to you, you don’t open it until a predetermined date. 1 week, 2 weeks, the end of the month, you choose based on when your future self has manifested your intent.

When the time comes, set up a sacred space and open the letter. By that time the future you is the present you. The fun part is seeing if you really did manifest your intent, or how close you’ve come. Or, just seeing how you’ve come to understand what the future you learned over time.

Most importantly, have fun with the process.

May your future and present selves meet.

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