Scan the self-help book section and you’ll find an abundance of texts that cover this topic of affirmations. What exactly is an affirmation?

Split the word and you have “affirm,” which is a declaration or statement. Stronger than merely stating something, affirming holds an energy behind it. Gusto.

NOTE: Affirmations don’t have to be positive. You’ll see as you read on.

Some self-help coaches will tell you to look in the mirror and stare at it while you say an affirmation such as, “I’m a great person.”

The fact is this method is not grounded in metaphysics, which is what would ensure your affirmations worked when applied properly.

The reason why simply telling yourself positive statements will not work is because you’re talking to your conscious awareness. Your conscious awareness harbors your ego-personality. This includes everything you identify with in your current life, in your body, your social circles, compliments or insults people have given you over time, the overall self-image you have of yourself. If you tell yourself a statement that your ego-personality doesn’t believe, it’s not going to reach the place within you that it needs to tap: your spirit, or subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind operates like a computer. It houses all of your ingrained programming from a lifetime of belief installments. It contains your talents, abilities and potential. The only way these programs could’ve been installed is through an altered state of consciousness: a trance. That is, your conscious awareness was put to sleep somehow and someone gave you (or you gave yourself) the beliefs. This occurs during mind-altering experiences: drug overdose, psychedelic use, fatigue, physical or emotional abuse, sound trance, dancing, meditation.

Once locked, it doesn’t matter what you do during your waking hours to make a change. Unless you can reach deep into your spirit, you will not alter your core beliefs.

So when you look into the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m a great person,” and you have a program installed that says, “I’m not really a great person,” you will reject the new belief.

In this sense you must become a divine scientist, observing how you respond to your environment. Examine your thoughts. Focus on your feelings towards ideas you’re exposed to. Remaining aware that you have a spiritual computer that can be hacked if you’re not discerning. How do you know your thoughts are programmed?

Two main ways:

  1. Your response is instinctual. This doesn’t mean all programs are harmful. You can train yourself to remain calm under pressure. Or ancestral programs can emerge that reveal to you your connection to indigenous drums. Those are useful programs. But you don’t have to think about programmed thoughts or behavior. They emerge naturally and we call that instinct.


  1. You have a difficult time stopping the thought or behavior. If it’s one you want to rid yourself of, you find that simply stopping it becomes a challenge. That’s because the program is habitual.

To undo the influence of an existing program, it must be replaced with a new one, and the way you accomplish this is the same way the initial program was installed. Choose a method that will alter your state of consciousness so your awareness is no longer “on guard.” I highly recommend you do not work with drugs, for obvious reasons. If you elect to work with a psychedelic, you need the guidance of an established medicine man/woman, a shaman. The topic of casual psychoactive plant usage is another blog post entirely.

I recommend sound healing, preferably binaural beats that can shift your brainwave state to the theta and delta frequencies. These two deal with healing, subconscious beliefs, super learning and dreams. It happens without you feeling like you have to force the process. Just listen to the sounds with your eyes closed, preferably sitting or lying down. A very simple technology that reaps powerful benefits.

Once done, you then choose your affirmation to speak. If it’s “I’m a great person,” you will repeat this to yourself as many times as you feel called to. Then go about your day as normal. What’s happening without your awareness is the new affirmation is activating your subconscious spirit. The “chains” of the old belief gradually loosen until the new program takes over. You will see evidence of success when you’re faced with a situation that provokes your program to emerge.

For example, someone you argue with decides to challenge your sense of self-worth and calls you “a despicable human being.” If your spirit is grounded in the new frequency/program, that statement will not affect you. You won’t believe it. It won’t linger with you during the day, making you question yourself.

If the old program still exists, you will be influenced by what the person said and actually believe it.

When you gain the sense of detecting when your mind is in an altered state throughout the day, you’ll recognize when it’s ideal to speak your words and when it’s important to guard your mind from toxic exposure.

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