Blue – Throat – Expression / Communication

Even though the blue chakra sits quite high up on the scale compared to many of the energy centers, it may be one of the most understood at a practical level. Sometimes it’s solely associated with the throat, but the voice box is a singular instrument representing expression in all forms. 

Think of expression as: everything that pours forth from you. Includes speaking, gesturing, breathing, looking, walking, sneezing, whining, complaining, dancing, yawning, creating things. Everything we commit a “doing” to is expression. 

We’re always using this chakra. If you’ve had children or dealt with the young ones in some form, you can see how wild their blue chakra is. They’re no holds barred when it comes to expressing wants and agitations. 

But like the green, purple and white chakras, this one also needs to be cultivated to express a more advanced level. In other words, we need to put in effort to master superior communication skills. 

Classroom dynamics display an interesting model for throat chakra observation. In any given class, you’ll have students representing certain communication styles.

You have the ambitious communicator. This student always raises the hand, has an answer, moves about the room seemingly seamless, can pair up with anyone on projects.

You have the jokester. This one has perfect pitch timing when it comes to landing humor, making the room laugh. They might fail a test and somehow know how to turn that disaster into a fun experience. Grades might not be tasteful but the student can be enjoyable to work with.

There’s a ponderer. This student likely has much thought depth but doesn’t express it outward. To their peers, the ponderer might appear to be slower or antisocial and this may not be the case. There’s a reserved composure about this student that could entice a teacher to want to call on that person to share knowledge. When shared, it tends to be profound. 

You also have the anti-social student. This kind is rebellious. Tends to enjoy debate thrills or gets a kick out of just resisting directives. The expression strength in this personality is vigorous; teachers may wish for the student to redirect all of that communication towards more constructive goals. 

In the workplace we have throat chakra styles. 

The braggart – This professional attaches their name to as many accomplishments as possible to self-advocate. Sometimes this becomes excessive and can appear conceited particularly if projects are completed by teams and the person constantly credit leaps. 

The leader – This professional may or may not carry the energy with a leadership title. Since a manager isn’t necessarily a leader and a leader can exist within teams with managers, the expression style has an influential effect on peers that often involves increased motivation or direction towards a common goal. 

Leadership energy contains this combo of example embodiment and knowing how to tend to others so they can use their blue chakras as needed.

With a mature leader, you’ll hear less about that individual and more about the aspirations and people operating in the group.

The weaver – This professional can communicate cross-functionally. Cross-departmental projects show how this person thrives, able to adapt to teams’ diverse vernacular. 

A marketer may view a project differently from a salesperson, who would express differently from an administrator.

Another layer is “cultural comprehensiveness,” a loaded term for embodying concepts from many cultures. This increases rapport across diverse backgrounds.

The focused – This professional may be fine expressing “in their lane,” becoming highly skilled in a specific skill domain, comfortable with deploying it when needed. 

There are as many throat chakra styles as there are ways to express. You get the point.

Expression is vital to our survival and thriving. It requires energy, so when we desire to express and then hold it back, we’re literally cutting the Qi flow. 

Energetic suffocation. 

What happens when we hold our breath for too long? The body fights to gasp for air, wildly, any way it can breathe again.

Likewise, when we suffocate our Qi through throat chakra repression or suppression, we create an environment where expression can occur wildly, out of control with unintended consequences.

Imagine the child who grew up with little means, exposed to that for years and then suddenly comes upon much money. If not developed, the kid may splurge uncontrollably due to having restricted desires for so long. 

Or the guy cohort called “incels” today who seem to fail at attracting women. Their desire to be wanted can morph into a pathology where they end up expressing violence towards women for their failing to date them.

Or the increasing public cases of religious clergy found to be engaged in sexual violations. The doctrines strongly restrict some system members from having mates.

Going 10-60 years having to repress or suppress sexual energy may take a toll on a being’s psyche.

Remember it’s the most potent force we have. It’s a God-force used in the act of all creation. It’s going to find a way to express. 

Repression + Suppression + Transmutation 

If you intend to further study your own expression chakra, it’s important to know the difference between repression and suppression.

Repression is a subconscious act; your temple takes action to push down or hold inward some imprinted program.

Sometimes these thoughts or feelings may not be remembered, yet the body has the knowledge encoded. It’s imprinted in your DNA.

This could be something as small as a spider fear or reaction to seeing ocean water.

Some experience, either in your life or through the generations (epigenetics) encoded the energy signature into your subconscious. And without you consciously knowing the source, your body reacts.

Suppression is a conscious act; you use your will to hold back some expression form. Consequently, you have more initial control over this because you can stop by your will.

One of the most common suppressions is not raising the hand to answer a question in a classroom. Doesn’t matter if it’s senior year in high school or college, there are many who likely knew an answer to something and for some reason held back.

The key here to know that it’s suppression is knowing you wanted to do it but chose not to. If you didn’t care to answer, no Qi blocked.

If you did want to, you had intent to move the Qi and did not.

Suppression in some forms may be quite necessary. Imagine a world where we didn’t hold anything back.

Imagine everything we actually wanted to say to people, in the exact way we wanted to, we did. Or we acted out every single little desire stimulated. That would be the definition of a savage, and why there needs to be healthy relationship between our wildness and civility.

It’s a yin-yang dynamic; knowing when to express wild energy and knowing when to express restraint. Knowing how to use both.

There’s a cliche out here about people who train in martial arts and how their hands are registered weapons.

I can tell you after 28 years of training I’ve never gone to a department to register my limbs in some database.

They are weapons though, and a delight in expressing with them, so there’s a personal responsibility for me to know when and when not to apply them that way.

While there’s no “database,” there is an understated principle that I am not to exceed self-defense destruction beyond what I receive.

That means, if someone tries to simply punch me, I shouldn’t disassemble that person’s knee or shoulder in response. No eye gouging or jaw realignment. Just simply self-defend and be done with it.

Someone having access to destructive means like that and not having the self-control to suppress will likely end up committing a judgement error and create more problems than needed. Problem with the suppression method though is over time it’s energy depleting.

It takes energy to will oneself to not do something.

Imagine all of the times you made yourself resist some type of food or spending addiction. It’s work.

This is where transmutation comes in.

Beyond repression and suppression is a more advanced skill working with throat chakra energy. It’s the ability to convert energy from one intention and motion it into another.

When you see the kid who was bullied in school strive to become successful and achieve no matter what, she transmuted that disappointment, that anger into drive for her goals. 

When Kobe Bryant went through marriage turmoil and needed to improve himself on the basketball court, he consciously separated out an energy persona for the sport.

This transmuted persona was to be a beast, fierce, ruthless. No mercy. He called it the Black Mamba. The Kobe Bryant persona remained in his private life. He was a quiet alchemist.

Someone who told you that you couldn’t do something may spark some impetus to yell back, but you could capture that energy flow and pour it into focus for that very thing.

By taking the energy and reshaping it for your benefit, you change its “texture” and how you relate to any experience that might originally be toxic.

You may also swell with desire that’s positive and seek to refocus it elsewhere.

This skill is one major component to what we call “creating our reality.”

If you can see this, you will have access to everything around you to make use of for your evolution. No energy goes to waste. All experiences become potential nourishment conversions that we consume to express more powerfully.

I’m going to call this out because I am a man and it needs to come from a man: Gentlemen, you’re destroying transmutation capacity by wasting sexual energy.

Whenever you extinguish your seed by fulfilling desires through porn or gratification with partners you have no desire to grow with, you’re losing massive amounts of potential creative energy that could be converted towards improving strength, character, cognition and spiritual power.

There’s a specific reason why original martial training requested that you have no sex for 100 days to build up physical “gong.” This used to be one guarded secret.

As we’ll discuss shortly with the crown chakra, the light will never turn on up there without sufficient amounts of healthy sexual creative force or Qi.

Let’s go rawer. Your seed release causes a vital nutrient depletion including zinc, vitamin C, B12, potassium, magnesium among others. You probably don’t know how to properly re-accumulate these in your body.

This nutrition is sapped from your system and causes an immediate brain-nervous system shock. To replenish these nutrients, your body will extract the basic building blocks from your bone marrow to replace what was lost.

While it’s doing this new job, it’s doing less of its original: to cultivate new stem cells that become your red and white cells.

Your brain and testicular systems are connected. So your cognition weakens, as well as your will to be assertive in the world. This is why an immature man’s cognition can be stunted by an attractive woman’s presence.

Nearly unheard of in this era is the idea that there is a spiritual-scientific way to healthily express your sexual energy so you grow instead of diminish.

Gentlemen, if you actually knew how valuable your seed was you wouldn’t waste it, but would be intentional with who you share it with.

But because you were never taught or choose to be ignorant, you plague health and distort the throat chakra resulting in your swift decline. If you want to exist carrying healthy masculine energy, heed these words.

Women can also waste their sexual energy expression but in a different way. For another article. 

One Transmutation Method for Expression

When you detect a desire created and it’s strong enough to move you towards expression, enter meditation. Choose the method best for you. Point is to be in a state where you’re calm and contemplative. 

When in this state, personify your desire. Make it a person. A being. Have it sit in front of you.

Ask it questions. Get curious.

Why does it exist? What does it want? Be real about it.

Avoid giving labels about it being good or bad. You need to first understand its source before being able to work with it.

Once you have this knowledge, you’ll understand the true drive.

Anger is one of the most common drivers, but wanting to do something out of anger isn’t really the true drive. There’s something more central as a motive to recognize. When you have that, you can concentrate on how to realize it in a constructive way.

Use a journal and give this core drive life by writing down. Crystallize it into words. This starts the process of grounding it. Plan your steps. Then do them with the newly-converted energy.

White – Crown / Head – Universal Consciousness 

If you’ve seen the halo or golden light around people’s heads in paintings, it’s a representation of the crown chakra when activated. Symbolized by white, it’s to say this energy center reflects all light meaning….light is information, information is knowledge, the white chakra reflects all knowledge spectrums. When this is activated, you have full reality perception.

In the spirit of remaining grounded with this info, let’s keep our feet on the floor with the head up to the sky.

There will be many texts out there telling you about how this is cosmic consciousness but not be able to relate this so you can make use of it.

It IS cosmic consciousness but what use is that if you can’t apply it in daily life? What’s a crown chakra good for if you can’t make your practical life better?

The crown chakra starts with your head of course. Specifically your brain.

More specifically, your prefrontal cortex. This is what’s called the brain’s “executive function.” 

When this is working fine, you’re able to make proper judgments about situations and reason accordingly. Just like a company executive being responsible for setting company direction, this executive part in the brain sets direction for the rest of the functions. When your prefrontal lobes are deactivated, the other areas take over:

R-Complex – reptilian brain. You act based on survival instincts, hunger, protection, hoarding, sex, attack (remember red & orange chakras?)

Mammalian – emotional brain. You act based on fleeting feelings. Attaching to persons, places and things that may or may not serve your growth.

Neo-cortex – logic brain. You act only by following the rules either you or someone else create and have issues changing when they don’t work. Doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes. Insanity’s definition.

In your brain these areas are operating all of the time to different degrees based on environmental interaction and thoughts. 

The frontal lobes are there to keep them in check. When your brain is illuminated, you increase access to properly manage all of your system’s capacities and prudently use them as the situation calls. This is wisdom.

Having an activated crown releases wisdom, which is one of the top wealth assets up there with time and health.

If you have time, you can move through life to attain your intent.

If you have health and time, you can attain your intent and experience it holistically.

If you have wisdom, health and time, you know what decisions to make to experience your intent holistically, and know how to repeat it.

Wisdom in daily life is like a jewel that can’t be physically seen but shines brighter than any stone. Poetic and true.

Wisdom offers discernment, so you know what to do and what to avoid, how much of it to do, when to do it, how to do it, where to do it. It’s the lightning bolt that strikes through all bullshit to bring clarity.

Our issues’ sources all stem from lack of clear sight. Wisdom is the great cloud diffuser, removing confusion.

In the extravagant spiritual texts from the Bhagavad Gita to the Nag Hammadi Scriptures to the Buddhist Scriptures to the Gospel of Thomasto the Greek Philosophers, you will see the most consistent desire is to attain wisdom. And then keep attaining it.

Like a spiral staircase, wisdom as an experience is both a labyrinth and stairwell. It never ends going deeper for understanding. The true eye. The 360-degrees of knowledge that empowers you to perceive something from expansive views and take action accordingly. With wisdom, nothing is unattainable.

No stone is unturned. True wisdom will reveal to you the most angelic ways and the most devilish, the beautiful and the heinous, the pure and tainted. You understand all of it with the capacity to not have to apply all of it.

This is why you can fool a smart person but never fool a wise person. The wise knows a deceiver’s ways without having to use them. 

Because of its nature, wisdom is not bound by age, so you can stop assuming every older person is wise, and every younger person is unwise.

Unlike crystallized knowledge, wisdom’s “cosmic” nature demonstrates it’s more about perspectives absorbed rather than planetary years alive.

I bet you can name someone who had to make the same mistake several times before changing while someone younger made many less before changing. The age doesn’t matter.

Ways to Cultivate Wisdom

  • Ask many what-ifs. What if you read this article today and then read it in a month? How different will you experience it? What if you declined the drinking party and instead soothed your body in a bath at home with a good movie? What if you changed what you valued in a guy? What if this or that happened? Use your imagination to play potential views. As you see them they encode into your memory, accessible for use.
  • Read wise materials. Instead of short-cut pieces online that provide dopamine highs, challenge your mind with exposure to the more complex-yet-poetic texts like I mentioned above. The people who wrote these tomes made wisdom their life’s priority because they knew why it was important. 
  • Meditate more. Whatever your style, commit more time to it. Meditation is one of the most accessible methods for getting in touch with your subconscious. The wisdom arises through it to your conscious awareness, using the body as a medium. 
  • Find wise friends. Like the books, ensure you have some wise comrades in your circle so you can dialogue on matters that stimulate this power. Instead of gossiping about people or having self-sulking matches, wise meetings of the mind with leave your conversations sharper and with a more activated brain.

Of course there is so much more that can be shared about these energy centers. Offered here are just clues for you to continue your own discovery. If you’re already knowledgeable, perhaps one new insight was all that was needed. 

Remember this science is not about flying off somewhere to become a decrepit individual. It never was about that, although some of the New Age gurus preach this.

Refrain from listening to people just because they have thousands of followers or project a halo effect wearing the right garments. I see this so often with people who claim to be wise.

Knowledge of Self is about how to master living skillfully, engaging in life, being enlightened while existing among others in the flesh, radiating that light and contributing within society as a result.

Doing this on earth becomes a primer for what would be considered our soul transitioning and engaging new life. 

Be well. 

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